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Thread: Miramagia game itself

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    Miramagia game itself

    why can't i play the game itself from the front page !!!!
    when i try to click play game on the front page/home page it does nothing at all how do i get to play this game on my computer since on my computer i can't hit the play button or anything else on the home page like i have said already when i do it does absolutely nothing on any buttons so what do i do now !!!! and how else can i play this game???? i would like a chance to play this game if you have any ideas please let me know ....
    thanks .....Jenzing7402
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    Hi jetzing

    A couple of things here:

    the front page should have a login button:

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    See the pink highlighted button in the top.

    If it doesn't then please message me in pm on here with a screenshot of what it does show!

    Once you have clicked the login button then you should get the login screen - this:

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    Click on the server displayed to get directed to the login screen next.

    Then this:
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    Fill in your details and click Login

    I look forward to welcoming you back to Mira!

    PS: we take online safety very seriously and so I have edited your email address from your original post.

    PPS: This link gives advice for other potential issues that can affect playing Mira:
    When you are unable to play or chat
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