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Thread: Changelog: September 2017

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    Changelog: September 2017

    Have you seen the new shop in the city?

    One moment it was empty, awaiting renovation and a new tenant, and the next . . well, take a look for yourself!

    That dome at the top; the creature sunning itself on the sill . . .

    And the shop keeper . . what's his name? Prof Lizard? No! The Herald has announced it as Dr Gecko!

    Welcome to Mira, Dr Gecko! We look forward to exploring your shop . . can't wait, actually!!

    Dr Gecko's magical creatures

    In Dr Gecko's collection of magical creatures, you'll find the right inhabitants for any portal world. You can see the magical creatures you own in your garden inventory under portal world items. You can create special care sets in the recipe book that you can use to nurture your creatures and those of other players.

    Happy creatures become active and add life to your portal worlds, until they return to their shelters, tired, but happy.

    New functional items available in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop provide a shortcut to Dr Gecko's Magical Creatures for your portal worlds and your Dream World's estate.

    Improvements and fixed bugs

    The archive in the mail box now makes it possible to save up to 100 messages (previously only max. 20 messages were allowed).

    Once this maximum has been reached, an error message will appear, explaining that messages will have to be deleted from the archive before new messages can be archived.

    Rebalancing of valley tasks: duration and uses have been reduced to provide a more frequent change of the tasks in the valley.

    In extreme cases, particularly high numbers, such as accumulated Gold in the millions, may now be shortened to display the whole number correctly (e.g. '1 mil. Gold' instead of '1,000,000 Gold').

    Options have been added to the performance optimisation settings in the profile options, which enable the toggling of building animations and mushroom animations.

    The click surface of the house jinx spell 'Dragon castle' now occupies less space and should no longer block any mushrooms.

    A display error with the stair specialist spell 'Metal stairs' has been rectified.

    ... a secret festival about a particularly colourful season has been enhanced with new content and is coming very soon.

    Are you satisfied?

    As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.
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