Harold the Herald seemed in even more of a hurry than usual, and was seen visiting Eveline's. He came out looking very pleased with himself and laden with a boxfull of interesting items.

When he was asked by a passing druidess what was happening all he would say was - 'see you on the Town Hall steps in 3 hours time. He neeps a nap'

A nap??

Three hours later, there were some curious miramagicians waiting at the steps, wondering and chatting about the weather and the World Tree, when Harold appeared.

'Can't be long - someone needs walkies' In his hand was a lead, and at the end of it was the most gorgeous black dog. 'His name is Bobby' explained Harold, ' and if I don't take him for his walk things could get . . .' his voice tailed off and the group nodded wisely.

'Anyway, the newest additions are:

Fluffy quadrupeds:

New pets have been spotted in your spell collection. Now you can go for a walk with your cute tail-wagger and let him rest in his cosy home afterwards, which you can find at Eveline's Dream Workshop.

Improvements and bug fixes:

Patch for a bug that prevented players from transforming more than 100 times.

Are you satisfied?

As usual, the herald visits your village and will take notes about your feedback