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Thread: Sapphire: bright eyed baby dragon

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    Sapphire: bright eyed baby dragon

    There was much consternation one cold snowy morning in the village of Little Ottermont. Minnie the dragon didn’t seem very well. Her wings were green tinged, and she was off her food. She just sat there in her lair, not even interested in practising her bubble magic. What was her magess to do? She tried everything: fresh nettle root, crushed with Mirabelle cordial . . .she paid for the fairies to groom her – almost ran out of spotted cucumber pickle for it! Even spoke to Emma and gave Minnie a tonic.

    Nothing worked.

    The beautiful white hide faded and seemed slightly grey, and she barely moved from her lair.
    Her magess sought advice across mira and even into the valley – and spent all her time sitting beside her, trying to feed her jellybeans . . to no avail.

    This went on for about a week, the crops stayed in the fields unharvested, cobwebs were left unswept in the observatory, and the plant fairies tutted a
    nd shook their heads . . this was not good.

    The dawn of the final day of the season of renewal arrived. The early shift fairies found the magess asleep in the lair, Minnie curled as before, but this time there was something different.
    A translucent object was shielded by the wings. Wings that seemed to have regained their colour, just a little. And when jellybeans were offered the scent awoke the sleeping Minnie, who yawned, sniffed, and delicately ate the purple ones. Their exclamations of delight were enough to wake Minnie’s magess, who rubbed her eyes when she saw Minnie. What a change! Caressing her snout, she also saw the new object. Minnie watched her carefully, but allowed her wings to be moved aside, carefully, and there was a general sound of awe. Minnie was guarding an ice blue egg!

    Most unusual.

    It caused quite a stir. Even Mirella came to investigate and the sorcerer offered to cast an omen. The twisted metal shape defeated him though – it was full of so many possibilities.

    Minnie allowed people to come and look, but no one, not ever the Sorceror, was allowed to touch the egg.

    At least that was the case . . until a young druid came visiting one day, new to mira, still settling in his village, and, hearing of this mystery, came visiting, bearing gifts: purple jellybeans for Minnie and cookies for the magess.
    When he offered the jellybeans to Minnie she stared at him for a few seconds, and then, nodded, once. She then spread her wings and flew, leaving her new egg with this newcomer.

    He became a regular visitor, and each time he arrived Minnie would stretch her wings, groom herself and eat. Her magess was so pleased with this that she sang as she harvested and freshened up her castle.

    It was the night of RevJon’s latest Transformation party when the situation changed again. The first sign that something was changing was all the lairs were empty. Teleportation sounds could be heard all over mira as miramagicians sought their dragons.

    And where were they? At Little Ottermount, bearing witness to the miracle about to happen

    First there was a cracking sound, and then a piece of egg fell away. A small snout appeared, nostrils flaring as the first breath was taken. A pause, and then another cracking sound. More shell fell to the ground, and Minnie got to work, licking her baby dry.

    And what a baby! Her hide was a translucent blue, the blue of a dawning summer sky; the blue of icicles hanging over water, the blue of a young sorrel ball. The eyes? Gold. Huge. And the pupils, red, like a flame.

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    It is still unknown how the baby came to be. Was it Minnie’s child, or did it appear and she simply mothered it?

    Certainly the general consensus was that this was a special baby. An interesting future lay ahead for Sapphire and her druid, Cyan.
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    It took some time, but a routine developed.

    One thing that had to be resolved was that Cyan had an egg of his own, and there wasn't room even in the most levelled up lair for 2 growing dragons - so how was Sapphire to be looked after and sheltered?

    The answer lay in Little Ottermount where there was an empty house and lands. The village settled Sapphire in the empty lair, and undertook to help with the feeding and training. In effect, Sapphire would have at least 7 parents - for all the villagers, and Cyan, would visit regularly, bearing foodstuffs for the growing dragonling. Minnie continued to oversee the baby dragon's progress, and so time passed.

    It was fascinating to watch the baby dragon evolve. As there was no one to manage the property the lair needed to be enlarged with special magic, provided by the Sorcerer. It made the lair slightly different; and it glowed a shade of white, like sunshine reflecting on snow. Quite fetching, actually, although it looked cold.

    Interesting, really, blue is often perceived as a colour that is cold, depressed, sad . . but in Sapphire's case it resonated of delicacy, innocence and cuteness. No one who met her remained unaffected. Well, almost no one . . .
    Everything about her was tinged blue - except for her pupils. they had a tinge of red in the heart . . cold can burn too, you know.

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    Slowly she grew up, her wings expanded, stretched and became irridescent. The teething horn fell away, and small horns started to push through on the back of her head. One day, while the snow was still on the ground, after she had eaten the offering brought her by Cyan, she sneezed . . something tickling her delicate nose - and out flew little tiny snowflakes! They hung in the air briefly before dissolving into mist and memory. As time passed she began to be able to control these snowflakes. Where her more fiery cousins had fire, she had ice. Delicate ice crystals in unique hexagonal shapes and patterns, perhaps just a few, like the kisses of a child, perhaps more - like a shiver of expectancy . . . and then, as time passed, more, like a welcome cold shower on a hot hot day.
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    And yes, time passed, and Sapphire grew. More slowly than the usual dragons, but she grew. Her wingspan extended; her limbs grew strong, her skin stretched.

    Cyan was horrified one day to realise that her skin was splitting. Ichor crusted the edges and Sapphire flinched when he went to investigate. Speaking calmly and slowly he fussed her until her wings relaxed again and the tension left her muscles. Only when she was calm did he leave her, and go seeking Emma.

    She listened as he sipped her nettle tea and explained his worries, and then, almost lazily, she opened a drawer and took out a small pot. handing this to Cyan she smiled.
    'Not had cause to use this for many a mira year, ' she remarked, 'but I am glad to see it in use once more. Rub this lotion into your Sapphire's skin, massage it in well, regularly, and encourage her to bask in the sun to soften her skin further. This will soften and allow the skin to stretch as she grows. No flying until her skin is supple. You hear?' her piercing blue eyes speared at Cyan, and his hand shook, the cup tinking against the table top.

    'ye - yes! he stammered

    'Good boy.' A rare smile cracked across her face. 'Now go. '

    And so he did, his eyes wide at being called 'boy' and being dismissed. What was it about Emma that made him feel like a schoolboy??

    No matter; she had given him something to help Sapphire, and that was what was most important.

    Arriving back at the lair he found the magess, Nut, muttering under her breath as she and Minnie visited Sapphire.
    'Cyan - Cyan - seen her skin?'

    In reply Cyan raised the jar. 'From Emma'

    Nut relaxed. 'Oh good!'

    Together they rubbed the pine scented unguent into Sapphire's skin. She loved it. Stretching out to her full length, muscles relaxed and her whole posture one of ecstasy. Even when they rubbed delicately near the tears she simply fluttered her wings, turned her head to stare at them with her amber eyes and cat slit of a pupil, before relaxing back, and letting them work.

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    Minnie nuzzled her when they were done, and together they settled to bask in the sun.

    'No flying' admonished Cyan, 'enjoy the sun, but no flying - yet'

    Sipping towerade the four folks, miramagician and dragon, enjoyed a time of contentment and magical sunshine.

    Life was good here in Little Ottermont.
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    A few seasons later, and it was time for Sapphire to try her first dragon flight.

    Her wings had continued to develop and she was growing in stature, her chest muscles and wing muscles developing prodigiously. The main problem was - she remained a small dragon, merely 5 metres in length rather than the usual 15 for her age. Cyan didn't mind: he was as smitten by her now as he was when she first broke out of her shell. Nut and Minnie didn't mind: she was Sapphire; that was all that was needed to be said. But there were mutterings from other visitors . . .

    Things came to a head when Mirella came calling, bearing a bag of charcoal cookies for Sapphire, but looking at her with a very practised eye. She inspected the lair; and the food; she quizzed Cyan and Nut regarding the care and upkeep; sniffed at the lotion and communed with Sapphire.

    Communed? Didn't you know?

    If you wish to communicate with a dragon that is not in communion with you, you had to commune. Lay your hand on the eye ridge, risk the hypnotic look of the dragon eye and request permission to speak telepathically with the dragon. If the dragon should grant it then you would enter a time of suspension, a period when time awareness was suspended. What transpired between the two of you would quickly dissipate but if you were quick enough and recorded the communion after withdrawal then you could learn a lot. And Mirella was experienced in such matters.

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    It was like a tableau - the pale pale blue dragon, eyes wide, the amber of the eyes glowing like gold; and Mirella's brown eyes trapped like a fly , her hand resting on the eye ridge and her body bowed slightly towards Sapphire. Their breath synchronised, they seemed connected, as one, so still . . .

    And then it was over. Nut offered Mirella a cup of rejuvenating nettle tea and Mirella seemed very pensive.

    Not long afterwards she spoke quietly to the two of them:

    'Sapphire is . . .special. She is here in mira for us to treasure and bring up. There is something she is destined to do but she doesn't know it yet. She is almost fully grown, so will never achieve the stature of the classical Mira dragons. However, she is fully draconic; simply a different type. We are privileged she is here. She will change things, and bring a future that is full of magic and hope.'

    Still looking rather pensive, she left the charcoal biscuits and summoned her broom before flying back to the City. She spent some time in meditation and ever after had a keen interest in matters to do with Sapphire.
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    There was quite a crowd waiting for Sapphire when she finished her first training race.

    It had taken her over the volcano trail, which, in hindsight, was probably not the wisest choice for her . . .especially as she blew snowflakes and hail instead of fire or bubbles. Perhaps when she was fully grown she would be able to cope with the ash and fire of the volcano trail, but for now, well, let's just say it was an ordeal by fire.

    The race started well: she had plenty of protection potions and regeneration vials, but of course, you can only use one of each per section.

    It was a practice race. So, it was for experience. She had started strongly, winging her way determinedly to each waypoint, and checking strategy with her mentor, Cyan. Of course, it was Cyan's first flight too, so they were learning together.

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    The first time a volcano spewed ash she flinched, lost her rhythm and lost altitude. It took precious energy to regain the height she needed to soar above the volcanic plumes, but she did so, landing a little clumsily, but safely at the next waypoint. Recovering took some time, but that was time well spent in lathering her hide with Emma's lotion to remove the dryness from her heat-strained skin.

    By the second section she had worked out the warning signs of an imminent eruption and how to avoid the worst of the scorching debris.

    By the fourth section she had also learned to freeze the scalding molten material with her cold and thus negate the heat. A sort of anti-missile defense strategy.

    So by the time the finish line was in sight it was a very strange creature that was approaching. Ash-stained wings, straining muscles, and tiny icicles hanging from her jaw. Exhausted, but also exhilarated: she had completed the course. Her wings strained and her movements were effortful and clumsy, her pale blue hide dulled almost to grey from exertion.

    Her final landing was unsteady and uneven, her wings faltering and her legs stumbling as she landed too hard on the final landing space, but her head was high, and her amber eyes glowed orange with triumph. Despite the unforgiving landscape she had succeeded in her training flight.

    That night her lair was a place of coolness and restfulness. Snow and ice collected from the mountain peaks had been brought to her lair, and used to soothe the small burns and scrapes she had acquired as a result of the flight, and she was resting quietly, looking at the small trophy that she had earned.

    'Next time, we'll try the snow route' said Cyan, and Sapphire, eyes whirling tentatively, placed her heavy head for his fingers to caress, agreed.

    That would be a race to enjoy, sailing above the icy air currents that swirled around the snow covered peaks, watching her snowflakes as they danced and pirouetted in the cold blue winter sky, feeling the invigorating arctic blast as she winged her way along the terrain. One to anticipate indeed!
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    They say dragons like to hoard . . .and indeed it seems to be so.

    Minnie, for instance, likes to hoard jellybeans, Eriko hoards blueprints and strange cheeses; and Ember is a bookwyrm . . he loves to curl up in Dragonholt's Library and is her self-appointed Librarian.

    So one thing Nut was interested in was learning what Sapphire liked to hoard . . .

    At first it seemed to be everything . . .fallen leaves, the fairies jester hats - that caused quite a stir - and Sapphire had to promise to return them as soon as she was asked - and flamingoes. She tried collecting charcoal biscuits for a while, but they crumbled into clinker if left alone too long, and that left smudges on her egg-blue hide.

    She tried collecting postcards, but Miro was hurt when his special collection of miramagical Christmas cards disappeared, and again, she had to return them.

    Miro tried to comfort her by taking her on a flight to the other worlds. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, and discovered a few new crystals, taking them back to her lair to ponder their uses. One of the crystals, a pink one, shading from deepest rose to palest pink, fascinated Sapphire like none of the others did. She would spend long hours handling this crystal and staring into the rose-tinted depths. She said that there were 'snowflakes' trapped inside it, but no one else could see them.

    If she could, she would collect snowflakes. They fascinated her, the symmetry, the white-ness, and the unique nature of each one. But every time she accumulated a modest collection of snowflakes they melted, leaving a puddle of cold water behind for her to step in. For a dragon which blew snow and hail from her nostrils she had an aversion to standing in ice cold water.

    Then EvilCrowOfDoom came visiting and brought a camera. An old one admittedly, but with the special draconic adaptation which allowed dragon claws to hold, steady, and take a picture. The empty cottage was turned into a darkroom; with a dragon entrance from a secret tunnel linking lair and house Sapphire could come and go as she pleased.

    Name:  Sapphire in her dark room, background, red light.jpg
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    The first few photos were rather . . .unexceptional . . blurry, too much redeye (that was odd - she'd taken a picture of the World Tree . . to whom did the eyes belong??), and with heads cut off. Slowly, though, they improved. She experimented, and spent hours poring over the trays in the dark room, the red light casting a mauve light on her blue hide. Adding filters to the camera made for interesting shots. Very beautiful; quite surreal.

    Then she discovered how to take photographs of small and tiny things . . and the hoard answer came to her. Photos of the snowflakes. Each individual snowflake photographed, developed, and kept. A drift of snowflake photos, a blizzard of hexagonal, white pieces of fragile beauty.

    It's amazing what you can do with a snowflake photograph. Make mobiles, laminate and make mousemats, and use to wallpaper your lair.
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    The day came with Little Ottermount was too small for the curious dragonling, and she started exploring.

    First, not very far.

    She turned up in Cyan's village one day . . she was never able to say why - after all - 'seeing his trail' wasn't very helpful for those miramagicians without draconic eyesight . . some sort of teleportation, they assumed. Once she had met a miramagician then she could somehow, through draconic teleportation, find her way there.

    Cyan, of course, lived in the Valley of Magic . . one of 52 valleys . . and Sapphire wondered if the same ability would work for someone in another valley? Time to find out . . .

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    Sapphire closed her amber eyes, and breathed deeply. She had been told by Minnie that was a good way to prepare herself before travel, and so she did it. She thought back over the people who had come to visit her . . who would she return visit?

    A face came to mind. A smiling face, and a golden phoenix companion! Yes, golden haired magess, and a golden phoenix . . that's who she would try to visit!

    Checking that the coast was clear, and strapping on her camera Sapphire selected the violet thread that connected the blue clad magess and wished herself there. That isn't exactly what happened but is the nearest Sapphire could come to explaining what she did. Her wings outstretched, she flew along the invisible line that lead to LowerAmbercot.

    It was quite a way, and she had to fly over several valleys on the way. Once she was almost distracted by a glimpse she had - and made a note to go exploring another day.

    She was wingsore and pale grey when she arrived in LowerAmbercot, and stumbled as she landed. Once she had caught her breath she looked around. Yes, it was laid out very like her home village; and there, there was the blue and white tower of a mage's castle! What were these blue things? she sniffed and then yelped - prickly! Little blue prickly flower things! They looked pretty, but ow - they didn't feel very nice! Like burrs, she decided; and plants to avoid!

    Curling up on the untouched snow just behind Colin, she rested for a bit. The snow felt good against her heated skin, and she could feel herself becoming refreshed. Soon she felt able to check her camera and position herself to take some photos.

    A while later she realised the village was no longer deserted. A villager had spotted her and had come out to see her. A villager she recognised . . .that violet shade . . unmistakeable.

    'Welcome Sapphire,' said the golden haired magess, 'it's lovely to have visitors.'

    Arwenna showed her around the village, and Sapphire found details to snap and photograph. The feathery tail of the world serpent for instance, and the blue companion light of one of the other villagers; the hanging baskets on the way to Colin . . .so similar in some ways to her home village, and yet, and yet, different. Part of the magic of Mira, she supposed. . .

    Soon, though, it was time to depart. She thanked Arwenna, and blew her some special snowflakes, watching as they settled on Colin's hat, packed her camera away, and imagined home.
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    It was on her way back to Valley of Magic that it happened. True, she was tiring; true, every wing reach seemed to take more and more effort; true her breath was rasping, but she was going home . . .and she'd be missed soon.

    Then came that noise.

    A loud plosive noise, quite unlike anything she had heard before.

    She was flying over the valley, following the magenta trail that would take her back to Minnie and Nut, and wasn't sure how much further she had to go - all the valleys looked the same from dragon flight height. . . so what was that noise?

    It sounded again . . .

    Below her was a village. her wings ached, and she felt so weary it seemed sensible to land, and investigate.

    So she did.

    Ah, a good patch to land! An empty field, swept clear: an ideal landing zone. Folding her wings she spiralled down and landed with a whompf; not a good landing, but she was tired. She stumbled forward a bit, her momentum carrying her along.before coming to rest and curling in a heap. Goodness that was tiring.

    A pretty village this one - but where was she?

    That peculiar sound happened again. 'Choo!' very loud it was now. She'd come to the right place.
    'Choo! Ahh!i

    She raised her head and looked around. There was a path leading to the village centre; there to the right an inquisitive goldy dragon peered down at her, the mantling wings slowly settling back into a relaxed state as the surprise of her sudden arrival wore off.

    'Choo!' that sound again - this time from the left.

    A bright red face stared down at her, and then scrunched up, eyes squinching shut, upper lip curling, and then that sound 'Choo!' That was the source of the sound - but what did it mean?

    A faint mist of droplets along with a small flame shot out of the dragon's mouth, and Sapphire ducked, instinctively. The flame didn't reach her; it was only a tiny thing, easily extinguished. The red dragon relaxed after having made that sound, and rested on his haunches, before looking her way.
    'Hello little one. I don't think we have seen you before.' he thought at her, a gravelly 'voice', one of age and experience. Sapphire bowed, the gesture of respect for an elder, and answered, politely

    'I am Sapphire. I am but new, and you, sir?'

    'I am Sir Sneezealot'

    'Is that the sound you are making?'

    'Choo! Yes, that is a sneeze.'

    'Does it hurt?'

    'Not really, but it is distracting and annoying'

    'How can you stop it?'

    'My miramagician is working on a spell to help me. Ah here she comes . . .'

    A pink haired person was watching them from the sleigh next to the house.

    'You must be Sapphire. Welcome to the village. I see you have met Sir Sneezealot. You do get used to the sound he makes. Would you like something to eat? You seem rather grey.'

    'Um, yes please. Do you have any snowberries or charcoal biscuits?'

    'Both, I believe; just one moment'

    A few moments later a platter of snowberries appeared, along with a pile of charcoal biscuits.
    Sapphire needed no encouragement - she ate with enthusaism, and barely noticed the sound and movements around her.

    When the charcoal biscuits were reduced to a crumb and only specks of ice dotted the platter she looked up to say thank you - and met the blue eyes of Minnie.

    'Sapphire. How are you feeling?'

    'Much better thank you - what are you doing here?'

    'We've come to fly home with you. It's a long way'

    Looking around Sapphire could see many dragons - there was Cyan's dragon - Aqua - short for aquamarine - there was Ember, Eriko, and others from the village and indeed from across mira.


    'Yes. You have done well for a fledgling, but it is a long way home. We will fly with you and help you. We care for you, little iceling' That was Minnie's petname for her. iceling. It made Sapphire smile when she was called that. Iceling.

    'What of your miramagicians?'

    'They know, they understand; they are waiting for us. Shall we?'

    And so the formation set off. Minnie at the apex, to start with, and the others fanned out, some alongside Sapphire, some in formation slightly below. It was a beautiful Mira day; sun shining, barely any clouds in the sky, and the valleys unfurled beneath the sneeze-punctuated whoosh of wings beating and gliding along the air currents.

    And when Sapphire tired, for she did - she had over extended herself; the formation closed and overlapped wings gave her a rest until they could land. A little time in the sunshine, resting, and she was ready to set off again.

    It was a lovely journey home, full of camaraderie, and family. There was quiet pride in the group of dragons, pride that one of theirs had so much courage; that they were together, that they had family.

    And when they arrived at the village, the miramagicians were indeed waiting for them, with refreshments laid out, and grooming brushes. Weariness was brushed away and eye ridges caressed. They were home.

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    Sapphire slept.

    And slept.

    Her adventure across the valleys had exhausted her, and she needed to sleep. She woke occasionally, ate, had something to drink, swallowed the vile tasting concoction Emma made for her, had a quick commune with Cyan, or Nut and went back to sleep.

    According to the experts - Emma - this is normal dragon behaviour when they have over exerted themselves: a form of hibernation.

    Her camera sat waiting, the darkroom was silent, and miradays passed.

    The snow was starting to melt when she stayed awake long enough to venture outside.Her hide was back to it's pearlescent blue - the blue of an early morning sunrise while the sun was still coming over the horizon; her eyes were the gold of amber, and she felt her muscles stretch and complain as she moved around again.

    Cyan's dragon, Aquamarina, came over a lot during this recovery time, and together they did various wing exercises, and practised landing and taking off. This helped to Sapphire: she hadn't been shown these things, and the lessons made sense. Cyan or Nut were always around while these practice sessions were going on; the pale blue and the greeny dragon making a striking pair in the miraskies above the village.

    On the fourth day of training Cyan and Nut sat down with Sapphire, Minnie nearby,a nd 'the talk' Sapphire had been dreading - happened.

    'It's good to see you healthy and strong again' smiled Nut. 'I worried for you'
    'Thank you - yes, it's good to be able to fly again'
    'Have you developed your photos yet?'
    Sapphire realised she hadn't - she had been so focussed on the now she had momentarily forgotten the then. 'I will tomorrow'
    'I would like to see them', said Cyan
    There was a pause as nettle tea and sorrel ice water were sipped.
    'I'm sorry' Sapphire blurted out.
    The other two looked surprised.
    'Sorry? What for?'
    'Worrying you. Going off like that. Being a silly iceling'
    Mugs were placed down carefully and the two miramagicians hugged her
    'Now that is silly. Yes you worried us, yes we love you, but you were exploring! Did you enjoy visiting those villages?'
    'Ever so! The villages were so interesting, and the people I met - they are wonderful!'
    'Yes, they are. And they think highly of you.'
    Cyan added, 'However, may we ask please that you let one of us know when you plan an excursion like that? And if at all possible, take someone with you?'
    Sapphire swallowed, and nodded. That was only fair.

    The rest of the evening, until Sapphire began to yawn, huge draconic yawns that revealed her double layer of teeth and a curiously blue throat, were spent amicably enough, with Sapphire telling the two what she and seen on her flight, and the things she had noted.

    Good nights were made, and Sapphire settled to sleep, the translucent walls of her lair shimmering in the evening starlight. She slept.

    The next day she was as good as her word, taking the camera to her darkroom and developing the pictures. Once dry she asked the plant fairies to help, and pinned them up on the bulletin board - well, the ones she liked the best that is!

    Name:  Sapphire's favourite photos.jpg
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    She had 3 favourites. One was the spiky blue flower - it looked like a blue snowflake up close; so pretty so delicate. And with the hint of an ice blue snout she remembered how they felt when she went to sniff them.
    The other one she liked was Sir Sneezealot's face just as he sneezes - his eyes all crinkled up and his mouth scrunched as if he were tasting something bitter.
    And the third she didn't even know she had taken. A shot of overlapping wings and the valley below. That one she treasured. If ever she felt different, an outsider, she would only have to look at that and know different. She was herself. She mattered. Just as all in mira do.
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    Aquamarina and Sapphire became good friends. They had hatched at the same time; they spent time together learning the finer points of flying and dragonlore, and they had Cyan in common. Where Sapphire was blue, shorter and able to blow ice and cold, Aqua was a shade that wasn't quite the blue of the sea, nor the green of the sea, but sometimes one, and sometimes the other. the green intensified when she was cold and tired; the blue when she was happy and cheerful. She was able to blow fire.

    Both had seen the spells that changed the appearance of dragons - Minnie herself was sometimes a white elegant creature, the white of freshly fallen snow, Sapphire thought, but her favourite shape was the green amphibian dragon, blowing bubbles while admiring her stash of jellybeans.
    'Does it hurt?' they asked Minnie, who smiled, as much as her froggy mouth could, ,blew bubbles to send rainbows into the air and shook her head. 'Not at all. It does take some getting used to, but it's not painful'.

    So Sapphire set about collecting images of the different dragon form spells . . .the one called Blacky, majestic, full of shadows - really quite scary . . .the blue one, sinuous, and nurturing, quiet and thoughtful, and the purple and gold one.
    'Minnie . . '
    'Yes Aqua?'
    'Minnie, why is this one called Shape of Grace?'
    'Let me think, see if I can remember . . .'
    She was quiet a long time - Sapphire and Aqua exchanged looks - she was communing with the other dragons they suspected. That was something dragons can do - when they were mature enough - generate a telepathic link between others and speak to them mind to mind - leastways that was how Cyan had explained it to Sapphire.

    Just as they two started to play jacks with some of Minnie's jellybeans she moved, blinked, and the nictating eyelid settled into it's normal place.

    'The Shape of Grace,' she began, 'was named after the wizard who first created the spell. He had a wife, called Grace, who loved the colours purple and gold. So much so she didn't want to transform when the cloak colours changed to teal and turquoise . . she wanted to keep her purple one, or her gold one. So much so she dyed her clothes purple or gold - or both. her Library was decorated in gold and purple and she named her dragon Amethyst.
    One day there was an accident, a terrible accident, a magical accident . . she had been trying to rescue a plant fairy that had got trapped, and in doing so she had used a spell which backfired. A mirror was involved; I'm not sure exactly what happened - but I know what happened to Grace. her legs morphed together into a tail, like a mermaid. She could no longer walk, and because it was a magical accident there was nothing that could be done - the eraser spell had not yet been created.

    Poor Grace. She found it very difficult. A pool was created for her, and she would sit for hours, her tail - her legs - in the water, trying to keep herself active.

    It is because of Grace that the miramagicians have the eraser spell you know.

    Anyway, before that became possible she would sit and design things - always in purple and gold. She would talk with her dragon Amethyst, who refused to leave her save for short flights when Grace slept. To be honest with you, I think Amethyst's unswerving devotion helped Grace immensely. Anyway, one day Grace started to draw Amethyst. And encouraged by her dragon, designed a new shape for her, one with purple and gold.

    By the time her husband came home she had created an illusion of the new shape, to check it and admire it. Amethyst approved too.

    Her husband walked right through the illusion and couldn't understand why Grace was so amused. Once it was explained to him, though, he asked to see the illusion again. Muttering to himself he made notes.

    It was their wedding anniversary a few weeks later and he was behaving most oddly; disappearing, staying late at work, asking her which shade of purple she preferred . . .and it was all most perplexing.

    Then the day arrived. She had arranged for balloons and a cake, as well as a gadget from the human world for him to tinker with - a music box they called it . . .and he - well, she saw it when she was carried out to her pool - Amethyst was in her lair, looking so regal, imperial one might almost say - no illusion - it was a spell, proper and true. The Shape of Grace'

    Spellbound the two dragonnets were caught up in the story. Then almost as if they had rehearsed it . . 'Cyan! Can I? Please? Please??'

    Cyan, who had been doing some studying while Minnie was working with the two young ones looked baffled. A moment of commune later and he knew what they wanted. With a grin, a wave of his wand, he transformed the two into identical dragon forms - two Shapes of Grace sat bracketing the amphibian form of Minnie, looking at each other, like reflections in a pond's surface or a mirror.
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