New to Mira from September 2017:

Introducing Dr Gecko's new shop!

Since Emilio’s and Emma’s marriage, his old shop has been deserted.

Now it has found a new owner, Dr. Gecko moved in
and brought with him new magical creatures…

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You will find 5 different kinds of mandrakes in his shop,
all of them very much alive!

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They are unique items, which means you can only have one of each.

Place them in one of your portal worlds (front garden type,
so not cloud library; magical creatures can be found in the
frontgarden inventory) and you’ll find them fast
asleep – they want you to take care of them:

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Care sets provide all they need to wake up and start discovering
their surroundings. You can manufacture them in your recipe book.

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They are curious little creatures and you’ll find them running
this way and that way all over the island for the next 12 hours:

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And as if that wasn't enough - on visiting other players'
portal worlds, you can take care of their mandrakes, too!

Welcome to Mira Dr Gecko, and welcome to the mandrakes!

Have fun!