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Thread: Pray for Texas

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    Pray for Texas

    Prayers for those in Texas and Louisiana. It is difficult to comprehend the vast area of destruction.

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    I want everyone to know that I am taking treatments and I leave my computer on all the time..but I also want to tell everyone thank you from the bottom of my heart that I got the special gifts and flowers in my garden and made dream world of the month..that was a special treat and made me cry...I am not such a gifted person at placing things in my dream world to make it half as nice as some that I have seen..but you all made my day when I saw that I was at the top of the list..I did tell everyone that I got good news that the cancer is not in my bones yet so just in my lymph nodes and we are taking the treatment aggressively and it has me very sick..they give me meds for nausea but it don't help much and I have lost a good bit of weight but that is to be expected..but I want to give everyone a flower for what you have done to help me keep my sainity and had me smiling a lot so that made me feel so special..Mira people are special people who are loving and caring and just so very understanding..thank you thank you thank prayers are with everyone that is having a bad day or is sick in some way..sometime you can;t tell by talking to someone that they are going through something and I know that there is so many that I have talked to that is in the same place that I am prayers are going out to everyone...and I want everyone to know that I love you very have made me feel like a special person and I am not special just an everyday person...I would like to ask everyone to say a prayer for everyone on here that is going through things that we can't see...and a special prayer for all them people that are in Texas and all along the coast that has lost all that they had..and then problem is so small when you see something like what is going on all along the Texas coast and inland...may God have mercy on them people and have His hand covering their every you all Nuttynanny..

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