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Thread: changelog 27th July

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    changelog 27th July

    Miramagia's birthday party

    • Miramagia is celebrating its 6th birthday between the ast and the 10th August, and you are cordially invited to be part of the celebrations!

    • Treasurer Cornelius is also invited and he's bringing with him his well-wisher's treasure chest, filled to the brim with brand-new prizes.

    • Birthday guests can collect a key from Miro's birthday cake every day and then redeem it with Cornelius.

    Improvements and bug fixes

    • For players who haven't won them yet, special jackalope prizes, such as the jackalope and Nara companions, can now be seen in the preview.

    • When placing floor tiles using the spell Virtuoso Grounds, an optional, semi-transparent view of the placed decoration items can now be enabled.

    • The mushroom bag now tells you if you are on a map where you cannot collect any mushrooms and offers you the chance to go straight back to your village.

    • It should now be possible to allow your companion to go straight into the nest right after placing it.

    • An error has been fixed that caused markers of the NPCs and shops in the city not to be clickable.

    • You can now also open deco mode if none of your own decorations are placed on the active map.

    • ... a secret festival about visitors from foreign worlds has been enhanced with new content and is coming very soon.

    Are you satisfied?

    • As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.
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