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Thread: Earning Rubies: Partner Offers

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    Earning Rubies: Partner Offers

    It is possible to gain rubies through our partner sites in a variety of ways. Most offers are free of charge. There are different tasks such as surveys, winning games or online purchases which can be accomplished quickly - your rubies will be accounted after a little while. Since the offers are renewed on a regular basis you can go and earn rubies often, too.

    This is how it works:

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    Open the Buy Rubies screen and click on the 'Earn Rubies' button.

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    Next click on the 'Gain' button to open a pop up with all offers available:

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    Note: Google Chrome users may receive the message "This is not a secure connection" when opening some offer pages. This is the default message by Google Chrome on http websites without SSL encryption. Just click on "Advanced" at the bottom left and the link will then lead you to the website.
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