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Thread: New Game question

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    Never Mind-figured it out, lol

    Is it common to go through a map and get no prizes at all? I just did that, and finally went to the blue arrow and left that one.

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    Did you finish the collection of the first 100 masks already?
    If yes it may happen you find nothing on your way through the maze.
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    uuuuuuh, even having gathered all the masks, I am consistently getting 4 seasonal objects. So I would say it is very uncommon in my personal experience, since it hasn't happened to me at all yet.
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    Yes, very uncommon. But it has happened to me. I try to do all squares possible now and go back to entrance later. Aside of mana and gold, you can get Explorer Statues, Flower of Paradise , and Overgrown Mound. All are nice decor
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