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Thread: Invitation to a vigil

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    For so many of this past year's victims, there is nothing we can do except remember. For others, we may be able to be of some practical assistance. I would so very much like to be a part of another vigil in honor and remembrance of what people have gone through, and continue to deal with, as 2017 leans toward 2018. Please count me in if there is one held Cone Server-wide.

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    Count our village in as well. We were at the last one and we'd like to be part of this one as well.

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    Greetings miramagicians

    The time: . . . . . . 8pm BST (UTC+1)

    The day: . . . . . . . Saturday 7th October
    The place: . . . . . . the World Tree
    The reason: . . . . . to remember, and raise hearts and candles in honour and remembrance of those who have lost their lives recently, from disaster and tragedy.

    Please use bubbles and sfx for hearts and candles, and use general chat for talking.

    Those of you planning to transform at that time why not join me first?

    Hope is seeing light even when surrounded by darkness

    I look forward to seeing you there.

    Community Manager

    PS: may be useful if you need to adjust the time to your timezone.
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