My village needs a little help, please - we absolutely do not understand how the Big Order system and the ruby-bearing Big Orders in particular are being released.

On Sunday, May 28th, about three hours before the Mira day change, I checked the Big Order list. There was one ruby bearing BO coming up for release at 00.44 Eastern Standard Time. It was the only ruby bearing BO on the list that had not been released. Right at Mira day change, 7PM EST, there were suddenly two, the one I had seen before and another one which had been released WITHOUT appearing on our list.

The un-listed BO is B01,204,298. It had been released and opened by another village prior to the one due to be released at 00.44 EST (which is B01-204-295.)

Going by numerical order, these two became visible backwards on our village’s list of BOs. But more perplexing is why 204,298 was not visible to us when 204,205 was. If it was to be released first, reason says it should have been visible much sooner.

Can you give us some idea of how these are made visible in the list? Does it depend on the number of other BOs opened or closed that a particular village has? This has happened at least twice before that I personally know of, and I’d like to give my village residents some explanation as to what is required in order to see BOs that have just become listed whether or not they have been released.

West Boulderbourn
Boulder Valley