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Thread: Forum video reporting issue

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    Forum video reporting issue

    A few weeks ago I tried to report an issue with a video. After completing my post, it said it needed to be reviewed by a moderator before it would appear. This has not happened elsewhere in the forum.
    Today I see someone else has reported the same video issue (really long video). Again, I attempted to reply to that thread and got the message that a moderator would need to approve my post.
    Where it says "Posting Permissions" it says I may post new threads, I may post replies, I may post attachments, and I may edit my posts.

    I also see the "Post quick reply" in that thread is not in English, even though I'm in the English section of the forum. Instead it says, "Respuesta rápida"

    Seems kind of strange to me.

    Edited to add: This posted immediately, and I am able to edit it, too.
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    For some reason the reporting problems thread is moderated. I will try again to unmoderate it. My apologies if your post has not shown . .as for the video in question it should have been removed by now - is it still playing?

    As for why the forum has some non english - that's because the forum is now shared by many of the other languages. I have requested it revert back to english but as it's a shared forum . .
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    Yes, the video is still playing. I just checked again now.
    I understand about the non-English... I thought perhaps it was a bug, since everything else is in English except that one thing.

    Thank you for checking - I will send another message. Is there a skip button?
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    Video 17318 is still playing today. I tried to report it yesterday. The video reporting thread is still moderated and my reply never showed up.
    There is not a skip button for the videos. You can cancel the video and then replay, which is basically saying to start over searching for a video to play. Often the same video plays again.

    I have been assured this has been dealt with - is it still an issue?
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    Sorry to say this video is still playing today, May 1.

    I can see Dietrich being very unhappy about this - Dennis has been sent post haste with a message to him. I anticipate fireworks . . thank you for letting me know - and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. I will persist until it is removed!

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    Keep on persisting, because that video is still there!

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