Have you seen Mirella recently?

She was doing an inventory of different worlds, marvelling at the decorations and displays that different miramagicians had made with the decorations available . . and there are some awesome ones!!

But it got her thinking - was there any way the High Council could make life easier for these decorating witches, druids, wizards and mages?

After a brainstorming session - it included Miro, Emilio and Camille - Sebastian was also there, making notes, it was decided to upgrade the spells and magic involving decorating.

So . . .this morning, the Herald, sporting a rather delightful new tabard with a four way arrow on it, announced to the waiting miramagicians that the day had arrived for the new Decor Mode:

Decoration & handling

• Decorating in villages, the portal worlds and the Dream World was fully revised in order to allow for a more convenient and quicker placement and handling of decorations that are already placed.

• The new deco mode with convenient decorating tools is now available in the 'Inventory' context menu.

• The two spells 'Crystal dye' and 'Questie transformation' of the spell group 'Transformation spells' can now be found in the magical toolbox.

• The spell group 'Transformation spells' in the spell bar will be replaced by 'Inspect decoration', which allows for the display of an improved detail view of each placed decoration.

• Tooltips of decorations without special features now only appear in deco mode when 'Inspect decoration' is active. This will simplify navigation on heavily decorated maps.

Improvements and bug fixes

• A range of performance improvements on maps with many deco objects.

• We revised the process of placing decorations, so there should be less of a delay for players with very many objects in their inventory.

• Portal world tasks that require jackalope videos now also count tending the field videos.

• A display error with the prize 'Instant Building Upgrade' in the prize systems was fixed.

• A number of preparations have been made for a big occasion celebrating bygone rites and cultures...

Are you satisfied?

• As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.