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Thread: The Egg Hunt Game 2017 - iGuide

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    The Egg Hunt Game 2017 - iGuide

    The season 'Welcoming Spring' also brings with it the egg hunt game!

    You will find a new portal island, which appears only during this season but allows you to go egg hunting.

    Either click on the island

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    Or on Eggmund, the busy egg carrier (He can be found next to the Lottery Booth!):

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    And you will see this scene:

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    There are eggs hidden in this scene; and bees, and birds, and rabbits and snowdrop plants . . . gives a small clue where they are hidden.

    Once you have found them all then an hourglass animation appears, letting you know the game needs to recharge. Recharge time is about 2 hours.

    There are three possibilities:

    1. You find a coloured egg: in this case the egg will be collected and goes to the golden Easter bunny in the middle of the map

    2. There is nothing to collect, only a hidden bunny, bird or something like this (which can’t be collected)

    3. You find a front garden item, which will go into your inventory

    In the middle of the map the player can find a golden Easter bunny. There you will find an overview of all eggs which you have already discovered.

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    Initially, every egg shows as empty.

    Every egg you find means that one of the storage eggs becomes more coloured. (You can see the process has started with the first egg on the image above)

    Once the egg is completely coloured (and full) you will receive a prize , which relates to the colour of the filled storage egg.

    If you are not happy to wait to complete the egg, then there is the option to pay rubies to colour the egg instantly. In this case you will receive the prize straightaway.

    It is not possible to re-fill an egg once the prize has been collected.

    Prizes could include items for the Dreamworld as well as decorations for your frontgarden; a robe and a headdress!

    Happy hunting!
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