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Thread: Carrot Cake . . .

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    Carrot Cake . . .

    Greetings Miramagicians

    You know how much we love carrots . . what about trying this recipe?

    Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


    250g carrots, finely grated
    6 medium-sized eggs, yolks and whites separated
    250g sugar
    300g almonds, ground
    100g flour
    Grated rind of one lemon
    1 pinch of salt


    400g cream cheese
    100g yoghurt
    100g icing sugar


    Mint leaves, sugar carrots


    1) Pre-heat oven (to 180°C) and prepare the cake mould/.tin using baking/greaseproof paper.
    2) Mix the egg yolks with around 1/3 of the sugar and the grated lemon rind.
    3) Beat the egg whites and add the rest of the sugar and salt.
    4) Mix the almonds, flour and grated carrots in another bowl.
    5) Carefully mix the beaten egg whites with the egg yolk and dry ingredients.
    6) Baking time: approximately 50min; allow the cake cool


    Mix all the ingredients and spread the frosting over the cake; decorate your cake with fresh mint leaves, grated lemon rind and sugar carrots.


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