Sebastian looked at his desk. And sighed. So many pieces of paper.

Taking out his wand, he made a gesture and muttered under his breath . . and watched.

All the pieces of paper lifted from the surface of his desk and started swirling in the air, like snowflakes in the wind.

Sebastian smiled, and made another gesture. Some of the pieces broke away and made a separate circle; again; a second circle; again. a third circle.

A broad grin on his face, Sebastian looked as if he were pleased with himself.

Just then, there was a knock on the door; his concentration spoilt, all the pieces of paper tumbled to the floor in a snowdrift.

Shoulders slumping, he called, 'Come in!'

'Sebastian, I wondered if you had ti . . .'her voice petered out as she took in the extent of the mess in his room . .'er - have I come at a bad time?'

'Um, no Mirella - it was just a sort spell that sort of went wrong . . .' his voice trailed away.

'A sort spell? I'll help'

Sebastian explained the spell requirements and two wands flickered; two voices murmured and three spinning circles of paper gradually filed themselves into three neat piles on Sebastian's desk.

'Thank you!' Sebastian, looked at the three piles : 'Competitions; that's ready to go.' His wand moved, and the pile of paper vanished. 'This pile is bugfixes . . that's ready too . . ' The pile vanished.

The smallest pile remained. 'Pending.'


• Some graphics in the competition screen have been revised.

• The icons for the different types of competition have been updated.

• A new loading animation is now shown on the left side of the detail view, while current data on the selected competition is retrieved from the server.

• The victory podium and the relevant graphics have been revised for all types of competition.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

• Mushrooms in the Dream World should no longer be invisible after travelling from the city to the dream world.

• The cursor now no longer incorrectly shows the symbol for click-able or interactive game elements when hovering over the village pole.

• Some text errors have been corrected and a range of outdated texts have been updated to reflect the latest developments in the world of Miramagia.

• A number of preparations have been made for a big occasion celebrating a wonderful time of the year...

Are you satisfied?

• As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.