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Thread: Drawings in your spare time

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    Drawings in your spare time

    Hi all,

    Here are my pictures that i draw in my own time which are not Mira inspired unfortunately. Hopefully i wll start drawing again soon and have some Mira inspired drawings to share with you. Each and everyone is different in there own special way. Some of them are fantasy which is a bit like Mira in some people's opinion but not mine.

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    Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my drawings. I will be putting more on soon but in the mean time feel free to add your own drawings and artwork.

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    I like your color choices and the clean lines of your drawings. Very nice! I look forward to your drawings of Mira!!! : )

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    Here is my latest drawing

    Name:  flowers 001.jpg
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    I will be doing some Mira ones in the Easter Break so i will either attach them here or in Imoens post were all her Mira ones are

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    I think the third picture is my favourite. The colours are beautiful and it forces me to stare at it and I keep seeing different things

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    Because this is not really a Mira picture I thought I post it here:

    It is a commision by E.T. which I had very much fun drawing.

    Materials used: special cardboard with linen structure in white and Faber Castell PITT PASTEL in Colour 1122 - 176 (Van Dyck brown)

    Name:  ET002.jpg
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    You find a tiny copy of it in the Mirazine #7

    (sorry for the Nutella, tiffy)
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    Will be adding more drawings soon.

    It's ok (Nutella)

    Sorry I broke promise of drawings of Mira at Easter Time.

    The fifth picture their are things hiding in it. Can you find them?

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    Name:  20171221_110446.jpg
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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait

    Name:  20171228_082042.jpg
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    Ment to be portrait

    Name:  20171228_082102.jpg
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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait

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    Ment to be portrait
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