Greetings Miramagicians

Have you seen Sebastian recently? No? I have. I think he had magicked up every available post-it sticky and was muttering to himself. I had wondered where my red heart-shaped ones had got to - I needed them the other week. . .

It was reminders to himself to list the things the tweaks, the fixes that had been done to the game; little things, but with one on each post-it he looked like a variegated hedgehog!

The last we heard, Mirella had taken pity on him and authorised an Update - all Sebastian has to do now is feed each post-it into the machine . . .let's hope he doesn't lose one!

The Update on the 21st February is to prepare for the Carnivals Dance event and some small adjustments and bugfixes.

The task board for the portal world tasks will now be visible even if the player turns off the decoration.

And it will be possible to close/open the portal worlds in the overview.

As a result there is no additional changelog.