It's the time of year when young druids are seen with their faces pressed up against shop windows, admiring and imagining the taste of the goodies inside; when young shamans select the best berry-laden branches for decorating; when witches cure and stasis spell the last of the field produce; and when mages search the heavens for weather to come - and to watch for the Winter Fairy.

It's also the time of year when it is best to ignore cupboards bursting at the seams, and to think of your own list of wishes . .

Winter Magic

• This year, you can once again expect a magical winter wonderland with lots of new surprises.
• The Winter Magic event this year starts on 1st December and will this time run until the Festival of Renewal.
• As always, you can look forward to a new advent calendar with lots of new presents.
• This year, for the first time you can spend Rubies at the end of the event and open any windows you may have missed.
• Alongside all the new content, this year you can also expect familiar weekly prizes and presents from the last advent calender as well.

Miramagian secret Santa

• We invite you all to take part in the Miramagian secret Santa and leave behind a colossal mountain of presents for your fellow players.
• But watch out! When you're packing on the mountain of presents, make sure you fill up your package fairly - at least up to the little package symbol, and try not to over-fill it with too many precious presents, otherwise the busy little fairies will struggle to carry it!
• You have until 22nd December to leave your package on the mountain of presents; from Christmas Eve you can then pick up your very own present from the colossal mountain of presents. But don't waste any time as the mountain of presents will disappear with the Festival of Renewal on 31st December.

Jackalope prizes

• The mysterious ice wolf Naru and her unique shelter are now available as a special rare prize from the jackalope.

Are you satisfied?

• As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.