The Herald appeared on the steps of the Town Hall, his sparkling new Tabard not quite straightened. Emma tutted, and straightened it for him, before waiting, wand to the ready - it was her turn for the sfx.

The Herald stepped forward; Emma's wand raised, and out from his mouth came an impressive 'croak'

"Whoops; wrong spell . . "

A moment later her wand emitted blue sparks, and the Herald's usual voice came forth amplified so all could hear him.
'My fellow miramagicians, today is auspicious indeed!

Not only do we welcome world wanderer Schax, but also the new Library awaits discovery and stocking!

A new era has begun"

Portal worlds

• A new world for decoration items has appeared in the portal world view: the cloud library.
• The cloud library is now available to all players and offers much more space for your decorations right away.
• The cloud library lies under the watchful gaze of the wise book owl, who will reward you for your help.
• Complete all the tasks for the cloud library to unlock the new spell collections 'Backdrops' and 'Floors', which affect the appearance of the library.
• Choose between predefined layouts and floors or transform your library into a temple or a cloud city, and customise your world as you see fit.

Dismantle objects

• Complete all the tasks for the cloud library to attract the attention of Ela the inventor. She is already waiting to show you her new invention: the Dismant-lo-mat5000
• Ela's machine enables you to dismantle excess garden decorations, portal world items, furnishings and dye pots in order to extract magical dust.
• Magical dust is used in many of the recipe book's recipes and the best way to get it is by dismantling objects.
• Dismantling objects with the help of Ela the inventor is only available for players who have already helped the book owl clear the cloud library of obstacles.

Magical transmutation

• Additional transmutation levels have been added to the recipe book for particularly busy transmutation magicians.
• Rise to become a master of transmutation and unlock new achievements, recipes and recipe variants.
• Use the new circle donation recipe (available from transmutation level 9) to secure additional Mana at the Magic Circle or produce recipes with magical dust.
• Magical dust can be produced with the help of Ela the inventor, transmuted from optical weeds and Mana in the recipe book, or obtained as a reward from the book owl.

World wanderer Schax

• World wanderer Schax is now waiting in the city for Miramagians who enjoy travelling and can help them find interesting portal worlds to visit.
• Here you can also find the world wanderer's logbook, where Schax records what travellers have recently experienced.
• Visitors' magnets are a new type of decoration item that can be placed in portal worlds to open them up to visitors and allow Schax to promote them.
• Visit Schax to pick up your first visitors' magnet for free and get your hands on many more visitors' magnet bargains in the city's shops.

Regular content

• New task boards can be placed in the village and offer you a clear overview of your portal world tasks.
• New gateways, columns and walls have been added to the range of decoration items and make customising your cloud library as easy as ABC!

Improvements and bug fixes

• The display for various bonuses to Mana production has been overhauled in the Magic Circle - you can now also redeem circle donations here which can be created in the recipe book.
• A new 'visitors' magnet' filter has been added to the Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop, alongside matching emblems and key words for items.
• A number of preparations have been made for a classic Miramagian occasion enjoyed by romantics...

Are you satisfied?

• As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.