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Thread: Bug with Lab Equipment

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    Bug with Lab Equipment

    I hesitate to write this as I am the only one in my village experiencing this:

    When I go to the market to check for new Lab items, I see 4 green arrows, indicating a better lab equipment than I already own is available. I bought all 4,but when I go to place the new pieces, I see I have much better lab equipment already placed (bought not won)

    So I check the market again and the same 4 pieces of equipment still have a green arrow! I closed the game and rebooted and refresh and cleared cookies and all that good stuff.
    I check again and same 4 ieces of lab items want me to buy them.

    I contacted support and they said they can not find any evidence that I bought the items.
    So I buy the same 4 pieces again (so that support will this time have a record of my purchase)
    and then I again go to place the items, but no I have much better items already placed.

    weird huh!

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    Have you tried clearing Flash mimi? Often and often a strange graphic issue is a result of Flash Cache needing clearing.

    I hope support resolve he matter quickly for you
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    Yes Dragonholt, I cleared everything I could and also rebooted. The fantastic news is it seems to only have affected me, AND support has just now fixed it for me!!!

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