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Thread: [WORKING ON] Transmutation levels don't match

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    [WORKING ON] Transmutation levels don't match

    In the new spell book in my mushroom bag, when I hover over the Apprentice of Transmutation bar it tells me:
    Your current transmutation level: 3

    When I hover over the circle at the bottom of the level meter, it tells me:
    Apprentice of transmutation, transformation level: 1

    Which of these is correct? Am I level 1 or level 3? Or is transmutation level different from transformation level?

    The change in the mushroom bag is nothing but confusing, with no clues on why we should care about or use any of the spells we will eventually be able to create. Definitely not a smooth or well described change, my village is not happy.


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    You create recipes to gain experience and increase transmutation. Every three transmutation levels you can take a test (by clicking on the book) to earn the next transmutation rank. So you are level three in transmutation, and your rank is level one. There are currently 9 transmutation levels but not sure how many ranks there are at this time. ( I am at 4)

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    Adding to that there are currently 3 ranks.
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