Sebastian looked up from his overflowing desk to see Eusebius standing there. Ah, that would account for the throat clearing sound he had heard! he smiled.
'Evening Eusebius, how may I help?'

''Av you 'ad any time to look at them there valley quests? Some on us are rushed off our feet; while othere 'ang around for years it seems. Gonna look into it?'
'Er, yes, indeed; this pile . . ' he rummaged, and pulled out some sepia toned sheets - 'these are the comments from the farmers about the valley questies . . all that's needed is Mirella's approval - we have a meeting later today'
'Good'. Eusebeus sniffed, and then vanished in a licorice scented cloud of magic.

Sebastian smiled again - a trader of few words, but always straight to the point. Time for his meeting! Collecting his sheaf of papers he made his way out to the corridor and from there to Mirella's suite of rooms.

The valley map
• For many of the valley questies that frequently appear on the valley map, there have been a reduction in the maximum number of players who can complete a task before it disappears from the valley map.
• The time in which a valley task can be completed before it disappears has been reduced for many of the valley tasks that frequently appear.
• This should also make valley map tasks in more sparsely populated valleys change more frequently. Frequently appearing valley tasks should now give a little way for the less frequently appearing tasks.
• In future, Eusebius and the crystal treasure shall disappear after a single trade of Rubies for mushrooms or Mana; however, they will also appear more frequently. This should make it a little easier for players who are unable to play beyond certain times to benefit from a decent trade.

Improvements and bug fixes
• The description text for the achievement 'Two-hundred percent' has been updated in order to explicitly exclude achievements for particularly high transformation levels.
• Portal world decorations are no longer required for the achievement 'Landscape design for perfectionists' and are no longer counted towards achievements which require garden decorations.