Emma was in a curiously reflective mood when various Miramagicians found her sipping rosepetal presse.

'Do you realise Mira is nearly 5? Such a lot has happened in that time. . . '

The people around her murmur in agreement and various snippets can be heard . .
' . . dragon races . . '
' . . .dyepots . . '
' . . Dreamworld . . '
' . . portal islands . . .'
' . . .Lab puzzles . . .'
. . 'the Valley! . . . '
. . 'the Mine and the dwarves . . '
' . . Ori Aurum, plant collector . . .'

' . . and my marriage!' said Emma, a twinkle in her eye. Everyone smiled, and agreed.

We wonder what the next five years has in store . .? We know it will be magic - especially if Emma has anything to do with it!

So charge a glass with your favourite mira-punch - here's to Mira!

Miramagian birthday party

• We'd like to say a huge "THANK YOU!" and throw a huge party from 1st August through to 7th August to mark the 5th birthday of Miramagia. Exclusive new content, a gigantic birthday cake, a huge prize draw and lots of great events and offers await you.
• The celebrations replace this year's 'Family Bliss' occasion, however the content from previous years will still be available during the birthday party.


• The garden inventory and the furniture inventory have seen the addition of new pennants and filter options for portal world items and shelters (for companions).


• Eligibility for participation in harvest competitions and large orders is now based on the village victories in the last 30 days instead of comparing the village victories from the past 365 days as was previously the case.
• A number of corresponding adjustments have been made to the victory categories that are used as a condition for participating in harvest competitions and large orders (new categories: up to 3 wins, up to 10 wins, up to 35 wins and up to 60 wins).


• New achievements for transformation levels 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 await particularly diligent transformation artists.

Improvements and bug fixes

• A number of errors have been resolved which resulted in players not being able to complete portal world tasks in certain situations (bonuses from laboratory items, achieving the dragon level).
• Description texts for decorations that were placed in the portal worlds should now be displayed correctly once again.
• The stock in the Store House is now updated directly once plants are sold via the plant preview in the Store House.
• An error has been resolved which in some cases led to invisible avatars when collecting seating items.

Are you satisfied?

• As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.