Emma and Emilio's World of Fashion

• The newly weds Emma and Emilio have combined their shops and are now happy to serve you with headwear, robes and hair styles following the latest trends in Miramagia, at Emma and Emilio's World of Fashion.
• Improved overview: A revised changing room allows you to coordinate clothing items and hair styles perfectly.
• Improved search: Keywords can now be used to filter searches to certain kinds of clothes and hair styles when trying on and buying clothing items and hair styles.
• Clothes can now be sold: Emma and Emilio have opened up a huge warehouse and are happy to pay Gold for your unwanted clothes.
• Hair styles bought at Emma and Emilio's World of Fashion can be kept permanently and all prices refer to the ever-lasting version of the hair style.


• The garden inventory and furniture inventory have been expanded by search functions and filter options like in the new Sorcerer's Corner Shop and they can be easily combined with inventory boxes.
• A new 'Open all boxes' button enables you to gain a quick overview of the contents of your inventory boxes, which is particularly useful for using filters and search queries.
• Decorations can now be placed by drag and drop.


• The overview of plants in the Store House has been updated and adjusted to the new list display that you will be familiar with from the Sorcerer's Corner Shop.
• All spell groups have been updated and also adjusted to the new list display.

Win systems
• A wonderful new invention has been added to the prize systems: the duplicator!
• The duplicator enables you to duplicate the current weekly prize by spending special duplicator vouchers or Rubies, provided you have already won the prize once before.
• You can win vouchers in all three prize systems and these can then be used once you have already won the weekly prize.
• Vouchers can be saved and used specifically for the weekly prize you'd like to own more of, duplicate.
(not valid for the hairstyle that is this week's prize - the wild flower wreath)

Magical transformation

• New titles, rank badges, transformation robes and game advantages for ranks 61 to 100 are waiting for true transformation magicians.

Small improvements and bug fixing

• The pennant that indicates decorations with Ruby prices sold in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop now shows a brief description text when the mouse cursor is moved over the Ruby symbol.
• Companion spells can now be learned directly in the companion spell group.
• The preview function has been expanded by additional context-based information (stock of plants, purchase or sale prices).
• When stopping a video, players will now be able to replay the video as a dialogue option. If players have any temporary problems with a certain video, this allows them to request another video without missing out on the jackalope prize.
• The list of actions that are not possible while working for the village bailiff has been revised.
• An error was resolved which caused the houses of freshly jinxed players to become invisible for a short while.

...a secret occasion for fans of warm summer months has been enhanced with new content and is coming very soon.

Are you satisfied?

As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.