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Thread: New Place for Reporting Video Problems.

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    I'm having a problem where there's no video - at all. Instead there's a static ad, a picture, with two countdowns in the lower right corner. The first is a countdown to skip the ad, the other one is a countdown to when the ad will close. If I click the "Skip ad" button that appears after the first countdown finishes, everything turns black and nothing happens, I have to close the window and then I get the message that says I have to "watch the whole video" to get my reward. The same thing happens when I wait for the second countdown to finish instead. The static ad shown has been many different ones, but I took a screenshot of the last one I saw.

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    I play Miramagia, Cone Bush, and I'm in Sweden. THOUGH it might be good to know that I play Travian as well, SE2 server and the problem appears there too. Can't videos there either.

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    I forgot to mention that I am on Windows 10 and using the latest version of Firefox. I have tried Chrome as well, still the same issue, even after clearing both cookies and cache on both browsers.

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    .com (Cone Bush)
    Product - Clorox
    Issue is incorrect language - getting Spanish, primary language is English
    Browser: Chrome
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    Game - Miramagia
    Server - ConeBush
    Country - United States
    Browser - IE
    Video - Clorox
    Issue - Incorrect Language (it is in Spanish)
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    Game: Miramagia Cone Bush
    Browser: Chrome
    Country: US
    Ad: Bosch
    Problem: Too long, click to play, easy to open in new window
    No other ads will show up, have cleared cookies and cache, placed Bosch on a blocked list to no avail
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    I have heard back from Dietrich - the Bosch advert issue is being resolved - you should see an improvement very very soon!

    Thank you for your patience
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    Miramagia COM

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    Washington state, USA
    I have a video advertising Vienna. When clicked, it takes me to You Tube. When it finishes it does not go away and will not give me growth impulse for crops.
    LoveQuilts Cone Bush

    Thank you LoveQuilts - I've heard a few people speaking of this - could you let me have the video id number please? Then I can get Dietrich to investigate further - oh yes - and the country you are playing in as these things can be regional. I can't seem to get the video on my jackalope you see.
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    vid I hope this is the number you want.....I clicked copy URL I am in the United States, west coast

    Thank you - I will forward that. The video link is to the video itself - the video id number is at the top right (I think) a 5-6 digit number in white
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    Here I am again, there is no number that I can find. Up in the right corner are two to share the video and one to "watch later". It is so different than any other video and, it does not go away or does it give the growth impulse (I think I said that already).......very frustrating. Thank you for trying to help me with this

    Thank you! Perhaps someone else can provide the id number? It's a number in white at the top of the video screen
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    Oh, I so wish there was a number where you say there should be one. I am stuck with this now for 3-4 days and it just will not go away. So frustrating when I want to use growth impulse on my field and I also have a task for 10 videos. In all the years I have played this game, this glitch is the first major one I have encountered. Thanks for trying to help. I will just shake the dice on the task and forget Jack a lope I guess. LoveQuilts ConeBush

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