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Thread: New Place for Reporting Video Problems.

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    #19658 Shows Disneyland halloween event commercial and the Honda commercial one right after the other but only gives one prize.

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    Video 19969 Halloween at Disneyland and then vote yes on 56, videos play back to back with no break
    but we only get one prize for watching 2 videos.

    I have reported this previously twice before but it never shows up here, I don't know why.

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    ok I have no numbers to give because I all I get is a black screen that goes on for over 3-4 mins and then I just shut it down...I and my whole village is having the same problem..don't know what server they are running on and they are too disgusted to write to support because they said it does no good..(have wrote several times, with no fix and said this is going on way too long) so I am writing for my whole village, since I am the elder..but I run google chrome..which is the best for me..and I think a couple are on firefox..and we are on .com and in the usa...if that helps any..but really this has been going on for a very long time and I appreciate ya;ll working your tails off trying to get it fix..and I thank you also for trying..just hope you get it fixed soon..causes a lot of longer growth time...thanks so much for working on this..

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    Check the video 19255 (US server). The report is: "there are no videos to play" and above that there is a button Replay the video. By hitting this the same thing is reproduced (as if it was a loop)
    The problem is focused on this video only.

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    I am tired of placing the video problem issues. I just wish I can win the wolf and in majority by trying to play the video, it freezes my whole lap top to most points I have to force shot down.

    The problem was reported numerously with no fix for since the videos were actually introduced to the game.

    No, please do not tell me or ask me or ... simple answer, I watch many videos and I do not have a problem with any outside the game. Here on the game it is just the problem with those videos.

    I rather buy the wolf using rubies and enjoy it instead frustration before Christmas trying to win the "exctream rare prize"

    All I can say a huge PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    Sorry for my negative attitude, took me almost 10 min to get back on game after trying to watch the video with hopes to win the PET.

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    The later versions of Firefox now automatically block non essential flash, which apparently includes all videos within the flash game *except* the ones originating from TG. At least that is how it is doing on my browser. FF 50.1.0

    It went through at least eight number changes before playing a TG video, and did this both times (after clicking the 'play another video' button) The previous version of FF would not play the videos at ALL, so I suppose this is some improvement. Just wanted to make a mention of this in case anyone else is having issues with Firefox.

    Link to firefox blog for reference:

    Thank you whoever moved the numbers to the upper right, btw! They are much easier to see now with 125% text enabled.

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    Firefox 50.1.0 I reported earlier that only the Travian Games videos were playing - it appears to be fixed now. I can see third party video again. Whether this is due to firefox pushing an update or something the Mira engineers did I just wanted to let you know it is working now.

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    I'm having a problem with #19313, for the last several days. My screen says at the bottom It says 'connecting to ' The video is completely black and the just keeps circling around and around for 4 mins then it crashes flash and sometimes has frozen my screen. I have to either reboot the flash and start all over again, or clear everything again and open a new browser. the video does not go to another numbered video, that does work, like it used to do. seems only 19313 is available. I have cleared and reinstalled flash, cleared cookies on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft edge and same thing happens.
    I don't know what else to do.

    Windows 10, everything is updated, recent HP laptop. fast internet connection (paid for double boost). no video problems on any other game. playing on .com server.

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    Video #17318 is about 4 minutes long, I think. It's for a weight-loss drug, Saxenda. When you have a task to watch 80 videos, this makes it take even longer. And yes, I know I could roll the dice.

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    I am not able to watch videos again. First tries freezes my internet connection to the point that I am not able even log off just forcing to shot down.

    Since the videos are introduced to the game, I am able to watch the videos for some time, then I can't at all or I can with longer load and in slower motion.

    At this moment I am not watching videos for like 2 or more weeks. Last try I checked if I can it was during last weekend.

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