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Thread: New Place for Reporting Video Problems.

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    I didn't see a number either, my work around is to lightly hit the play arrow, then at the 32-35 second mark the skip ad pops up on the bottom right, once you hit that you get your reward.

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    I will try that Pam.....thank you in advance. Hope I can do it and hope it works. This is the 4th or 5th day with this now.
    I did do as you suggested and it gave me growth impulse but it came back on for the prize. Instead of cancelling I did the same thing again. I surely hope, the next time I want growth impulse that I don't get that ad. Totally dislike it!! Have a very good day

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    Thank you ever so much. I actually had a different video (much shorter also). Such a relief and if I get that Vienna thing again (hope not), I will know what to do. LoveQuilts

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    Hello everyone, I don't see videos anymore. A white screen appears and after about 30 seconds the message " took too long to respond" appears.
    I attach a photo to make you understand better.

    I don't use ad blocker

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    Have you accepted the cookies? The new popup page.
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    Hello silvercat,

    Judging on your game data, the problem solved itself at some point and you were able to use the Jackalope eventually.

    Probably there were some loading issues or slow data traffic at the advertiser's end. Sorry for the inconveniences.
    If you experience any trouble again, please let us know.

    Best regards,

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