I'm having a problem where there's no video - at all. Instead there's a static ad, a picture, with two countdowns in the lower right corner. The first is a countdown to skip the ad, the other one is a countdown to when the ad will close. If I click the "Skip ad" button that appears after the first countdown finishes, everything turns black and nothing happens, I have to close the window and then I get the message that says I have to "watch the whole video" to get my reward. The same thing happens when I wait for the second countdown to finish instead. The static ad shown has been many different ones, but I took a screenshot of the last one I saw.

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I play Miramagia, Cone Bush, and I'm in Sweden. THOUGH it might be good to know that I play Travian as well, SE2 server and the problem appears there too. Can't videos there either.