When I click the Sorcerer's Shoppe link to go to buy the plants and vials I need for the puzzle, it will only load the plants in the purchase list. I have to buy them, and either close it and click the same button to have it go back to the Shoppe to load the vial I need in the purchase list and then buy it, or I have to buy the plants, close that type of inventory, open the mixed goods, and manually put the vial in, then buy it.

I say it is a bug, as it used to populate the buying list with everything I needed to compete the Alchemy puzzle, but it has not done this for some time, since even before the restructuring of the Sorcerer's Shoppe interface. Is there a way for this to be solved by the programmers? Or is it, now that the interface has been changed, mixed sorts of goods can never, ever be on the list at the same time?

I know, I can also buy up a supply of vials and avoid this happening, but my question and concern is that it used to put everything in the purchase list, and now does not, so is this fixable? Thank you!