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    Developer's Feedback

    Greetings Miramagicans,

    We would like to thank you very much for your suggestions and ideas after the latest Upgrade and we are happy to be able to give you a little feedback.

    We are looking forward to further ideas and suggestions from you!

    Please keep in mind, even if something is planned, it does not mean that it will be included in the next update. Things can change. But at the moment this is the situation . . .

    And now the feedback.

    Suggestions and Wishes

    Clicking on the mushroom bag artefacts takes you to the mixed goods and artefacts section of the Shop.

    The purpose of linking the mushroom bag atrefacts to that section of the shop is so that the items will be moved with a single click directly to the basket. The same effect is also available in the direct link on the Questies etc. Therefore, a change is not planned. However, we are thinking about an alternative, such as further links for Orin Aurum, the plant merchant and the competitions.

    Display of the prices in the preview (book)

    It is planned to implement this in one of the next updates.

    Additional description is only available in the preview (book) and not directly at the objects.
    For this, no changes are currently planned.

    Too many clicks:

    After forwarding, for example from Questie to plants, it’s possible to close the window completely by clicking the X far right in the top corner, but that is farther away than the X in the upper corner at the plant. In addition you are used to closing the store completely when you click on the cross at the plants.

    For this, no changes are currently planned. This is a matter of habit in the first place.
    A change would only be possible if the hotlinks are changed. But this is something we don’t want. We prefer to plan for the future to offer more well-placed links which can be used alternatively.

    If you want to change the category, for example, from the plants to the garden objects, you always have to take the route via the overview. Therefore, a button for a direct exchange would be helpful. (Similar to the change between Buy- and Sell-menu.)

    This is a good idea and we support tabs or similar for quick changes. Here we would be grateful for further feedback, such as how should look the tabs exactly and where you could place them best.

    Visually Impaired people have difficulty to read the font, on the one hand because of the colourful background and secondly the font does not appear partly black. Suggestion: a “magnifying glass” function.

    At the moment there are no changes planned in the game for this. But we would be happy if we could be provided with more information from affected player who have problems reading something. We hope that we can assist with helpful tips such as monitor calibration and OS magnifying glasses.

    If there are, for example, difficulties in recognizing images which contain important information, we could perhaps supplement this with tooltips.

    If I want to buy an item it should be possible to move it with my mouse in the basket (Drag&Drop).

    No changes are planned at the moment because it’s possible to move the item in the basket with just one click. This is a matter of habit in the first place.

    It would be useful add a filter for objects purchased with rubies and one for those purchased with money.

    This has already been implemented.

    The "Auto-Scroll" function after buying an item does not work: In the old shop you were automatically placed back on the list to the Item you have bought. Now the top of the list is shown.

    It is possible that this is a performance problem (position already loaded). We will therefore check it first. If this is not a problem, this function will be brought back to the new shop.

    The prices for the plants look like the number of plants in the store house. A smaller gap between the number and the price of gold would be helpful.

    It’s planned to close the gap in one of the next updates.

    A Wish-List:

    Sometimes a player wants to buy something, but doesn't have money for this particular time. Before a player can collect the appropriate amount of gold (or Rubies), a player might forget what he wanted to buy. A Wish list should be not only a 'container' for favourite items, but also should trigger a reminder "You have enough gold to buy "Item Name" now!" - eg. as a hint on the top of screen.

    A very interesting proposal and definitely something we would like to include. However, the development needs a lot of effort. Definite plans for this do not exist at the moment.

    At the moment, when you click on a placed decoration that belongs to you, you will see a popup menu with the option "Buy". Players would like to have the same option but for decoration placed by OTHER players. Sometimes when an item is unavailable because of the requirements or it’s connected with a particular festival it is a waste of time to look for it in the store. In this case the link should be inactive (maybe with comment).

    Creating a "Buy“ Quicklink for a decoration placed by other players is not planned at the moment. However, finding and buying these objects has become significantly easier with the introduction of the search feature in the shop. For decoration items, which are part of an event, we plan to add the name of the event to the item tooltip.

    The sorting is not clear in some filters. And the players say, some filters do not work correctly, for example filter “new objects”.
    The goods list is loading too slowly.

    We suspect there are still some bugs in there. We need more information to fix these issues. Additional information like repro steps, information on the player’s connection etc. can be helpful.

    When somebody (questie for example) demands the special plants from new worlds (Hare gorse) you’re forwarded to the Corner Shop, but these plants don’t sell them..

    This should not happen. If portal world plants are the only plants the Questie is asking for we’ll fix this in an upcoming update.

    Additional requests that do not directly relate to Emma / Eveline:

    Can we have the same filters as for garden objects to be available for other things such as festival items, please?

    It is planned to implement this in one of the next updates.

    Search function for the garden objects.

    It is planned to implement this in one of the next updates.

    It should be possible to sort Robes and Hairstyles by seasons or festival. Additionally it would be nice if it will be possible to sell Robes and Hairstyles.

    The Boutique should perhaps be overworked like the sorcerer’s corner shop and Eveline. Perhaps it will be possible to sell Robes in the near future.

    Players ask to move the companion’s spells from the Academy to the Corner Shop and add a new filter “Companion”, which will show spells and houses.

    We agree on the Academy not being the best place for companion spells. They will be moved in the near future.
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