You might have noticed that Sebastian and Dietrich were spending time together, muttering and making notes on pieces of paper with strange diagrams on them.

Eveline actually closed her shop for a short while and the three of them disappeared for a while, a haze of blue smoke hanging round the shop.

And there was a strange cat keeping an eye on the Sorceror's Shop at the same time . . .

It was only when the Herald made an appearance that all became clear - they had been consulting with the feedback from the miramagicians across all the worlds and were adjusting the settings.

And here was the Herald with the news . . .

Inventory, Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop

• New filter options for items with Gold prices and items with Ruby prices have been added to the Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop.
• When browsing with the new preview function in the inventory and in the city's shops, the display is automatically moved to the most recently viewed item once the preview is closed.
• You can now sell the decoration rewards from portal world tasks.

Small improvements and bug fixing

• The pennant that indicates decorations with Ruby prices sold in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop now shows a brief description text when the mouse cursor is moved over the Ruby symbol.
• Description texts for placed decorations instantly reveal which occasion the respective items belong to.
• The filter settings in the inbox are now immediately reset when the inbox is re-opened. Lasting filter settings were often forgotten, which meant new mail could easily be missed.
• A number of allocations betweens keywords and items have been improved.

• ...a secret event for magicians interested in culture has been enhanced with lots of new content and will soon await you.

Are you satisfied?

• As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.