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Thread: Wonderful Starter Package has an error

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    Wonderful Starter Package has an error

    The last 2 times I transformed, I noticed an error when I added the Wonderful Starter Package. I had chosen the Dream World option on Purple Crystal Island that started all my buildings at Level 4 after each transformation. When I purchased the Wonderful Starter Package, it says my buildings will all be increased by 1 level, if possible. Both of the last 2 transformations, my buildings were at level 4, I purchased the W.S.P., and my buildings were all still at level 4. They should have been increased to level 5, but they were not.


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    Hello Eleanor Rigby,

    Sorry for the late response, bit busy here...
    Thank you for reporting this. Please could you also notify support about it with a formal ticket? They will be able to have a closer look at it and can pass it on to tech department.

    Have a nice sunday,
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    Seems to me that when I buy the starter package, I have to reload the game to see that my buildings are upgraded.

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