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Thread: RIP Magiclantern, our Luminous Friend

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    RIP Magiclantern, our Luminous Friend

    Our faithful, loving friend, Magiclatern has left for the golden meadow.
    May she find peace.
    She was our dear friend and fellow villager (magiclatern_364 originally from .us server & Magiclatern originally from .com server). She was an avid lover of all creatures in the MiraMagia world, often letting them free range among the neighborhood. She always found a reason to invite a fellow villager over to celebrate the day or simply rest for tea. I will miss your creativity, your vibrant conversations, and most of all your friendship.

    With immense sadness,

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    Blessed Be On Her New Journey. There is Space in Memory Too, ask Dragonholt. We will welcome Her with Love in our Valley.
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    Beautiful tribute to Magiclantern.
    She was playful and creative and we had many crazy adventures together. She will always have a place in my heart and the hearts of her fellow villagers. ♥

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