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Thread: Changelog 14th April

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    Changelog 14th April

    When it's springtime in Mira then people look again at the world around them with fresh eyes . . seeing the shy purple crocus again and marvelling at the details; brushing off wings and washing telescope lenses . .and in the City the shop keepers are busy too.

    It's strange really, people know Emma well, her figure is often spotted out in the Valley; and Eveline - she's well known, always modelling Cleo's latest creations;and as for Emilio . . .! - but who is the Sorcerer? Some people report a cloud of scented smoke greeted them and took their gold; others that a black cat sat there, licking it's paws and purring as the latest items are bought. . .others say nothing - nothing at all, and they blanch when asked. . .best to leave them be, I'm sure you agree!

    So when the blinds closed down the windows of the sorcerer's shop and there was a purple haze surrounding it people stopped, stared, and hurriedly moved on. Interestingly enough Eveline's was also 'closed for renovations' said the sign. . .'Opening 14th April' appeared a short while later.

    The morning arrived, and people gathered in the City waiting for the Herald . . .

    Just as he appeared all attention moved to him, and no one noticed exactly when the sign and smoke disappeared . . no one noticed when the doors softly clicked open . .

    Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop

    • Eveline and the sorcerer have really been busy tidying! The Sorcerer's Corner Shop and Eveline's Dream Workshop are dazzling in new splendour.

    • You can now search for certain object names in both shops with the help of the new search function.

    • New keywords like 'plant', 'winter' or 'lighting' can easily be combined, thereby limiting the search to the relevant garden objects and furniture items. It's available for both the 'buy' and the 'sell' option.
    The little basket or cash register right next to the exit 'X' allows you to switch between 'buy' and 'sell' within a category.

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    • New categories like plants, garden objects or laboratory objects provide a greatly improved overview of the goods on offer in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop. Clicking the larger area opens the 'buy' option, clicking the smaller area below takes you to the 'sell' option of this category. There's no option to show all categories at once as it used to be.
    For the 'sell' option there are tabs for an easy switch between categories

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    • A completely new type of object is now in stock in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop. 'Portal world objects' can only be placed in the portal worlds and often come with special attributes and dimensions.

    New regular content

    • To kick start the new portal world objects in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop, an exciting initial selection of new seating items and interactive decorations for your portal worlds awaits you.

    • A new questie spell lets you transform your questies into a group of curious dragons.

    • The Generous Present spell group has been expanded by a number of new furniture items.

    Win systems
    • The field zone, or rather the extension of the active field zone spell, has been removed as a possible prize at the Magical Lottery Booth.

    Portal worlds

    • Substantially fewer harvested plants are now requested once a new portal world task is handed out, especially if a plant has to be adjusted to a low character level.

    Village search

    • The teleport to 'other destinations' has been combined with the village search feature and can now be opened once more via the teleport context menu. In order to avoid unintended relocations, the button for immediate relocation has been removed from this window. Village relocations are still available via the valley map and the signs on the free village places. This even gives you the advantage of being able to choose your spot if more than one is free in a village.

    Name:  otherdestinations-new.jpg
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    So if you want to move to another village: use the village search, teleport there and pick your spot with the help of the small wooden signs

    Small improvements and bug fixing

    • An error was fixed which caused companions to continue to be shown once their owners enter a dance floor.

    • A number of errors have been resolved which could lead to unusually long waiting and loading times for players with huge numbers of garden objects when placing garden decorations.

    • ...A secret event for fans of fantastic stories has been enhanced with new content and will soon await you.

    Are you satisfied?

    • As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.
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