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Thread: February 25th Changelog

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    February 25th Changelog

    Poe came to visit Miro one day, as he often did - they visited each other several times a week - but this time whatever news Poe brought had Miro hurrying to Mirella.

    She immediately summoned Colin the bailiff and the Herald . . and sent them off on a mysterious errand.

    In addition, the noise of hammering and sawing came from behind the sorceror's Shop . . what was going on?

    The mystery was solved when Mirella and the Herald strode out one warm spring morning with new companions!

    Apparently Poe had found a community of the little felines in a cave on the portal islands, and negotiated with them to come back to the magical land of Miramagia with him. One tiny black feline - Juno - was the bravest explorer and agreed to travel with Poe . . .

    Miro and Poe had taken Juno to Mirella and they immediately bonded.

    And that, they say, was that . . .

    The other felines followed and now people are queuing at the Academy to acquire the necessary training so a feline can join the miramagician!

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    New four-legged companions are waiting to join you on your adventures. Place special retreats in your Dream World for your companions to stay at when they're not accompanying you.
    Hint: You need to learn the companion spells in the academy.

    Portal worlds

    The portal worlds have been expanded with an extensive range of new tasks. Transformation levels were removed as a possible starting requirement for portal world tasks. Some portal world tasks now require much lower character levels. However, old tasks remain and will be phased out as new ones come in.

    New regular content

    Old weekly prizes are now available in the city's shops.

    Small improvements & bug fixes

    Questies are now also shown in other players' fields together with the right Questie transformation. The number of Questies shown is chosen randomly and provides no indication of how many Questies are actually waiting for the respective player.

    A bug was fixed where some floor tiles couldn't be exchanged in a number of estates.

    The settings for displaying animations should no longer be lost when travelling.

    Plants that were won from the prize systems when the Store House is full are no longer lost and instead are placed in the gigantic package at the portal. Symbols in the inventory will now indicate where the stored decorations were collected. ...

    Secret events for dragon fans and floppy-eared friends have been enhanced with lots of new content and will be arriving soon!

    Are you satisfied?

    As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.
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