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Thread: 26th January Changelog

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    26th January Changelog

    It had been noted that Mirella, the Leader of the High Council, had been seen in the villages, dreamworlds and portal islands far more often these days - and so had Dragonholt - she had been witnessed visiting villages and complimenting players on their decorations.

    However, the relevance of these visits only became clear when the Herald, sporting a fancy new waistcoat and a wondrous new flying carpet with attendant dragons, four of them, glorious in their red incarnations, hovered over the market place near the Town Hall. Resplendent in a new creation designed by none other than Camille, he cleared his throat, and, casting the trumpet spell on his throat, declared:

    Decor profile
    • Save, manage and place your garden object decorations with the new decor profiles.
    • A collection volume that can be filled with profiles is available for each world that can be decorated.
    • Each collection comes with two free storage spaces that can be upgraded over several levels in order to store more garden objects. You can even unlock more storage spaces in exchange for Rubies.
    • Decor profiles are available to all players who have reached character level 15 or have transformed at least once.
    • Four new achievements are waiting to be unlocked with the help of the decor profiles.

    Village search
    • The 'Village relocation' option in the profile context menu has been replaced with the village search; this combines all the moving and travel functions of 'Village relocation' and 'Other destination...' in one new window.

    Questie transformation
    • Magicians can use Questie transformations which can now be found in the transformation spell collection, in order to give your Questies a whole new look

    Generous Present
    • Using the 'Generous present' spell you can now also give away furniture items.

    New regular content
    • The shops in the town have new clothing sets, garden objects and furniture items in store.
    • The house jester spell collection has been expanded by a new spell.
    • A new set of stairs is available for the estate.
    • ...More surprises from the item collection 'Inventor's workshop' will soon await you!

    Small improvements & bug fixes
    • The preview of the next World Tree level now shows you the description texts for unlock-able content.
    • Friends' homes will now be marked on the valley map with a fitting symbol.
    • Running competitions that your village is already taking part in will also be shown in the village participation window, once the respective village victory requirements have been fulfilled.
    • Spells in the dragon illusion spell collection now have a preview feature.
    • The Questie screen now goes directly to the next order as soon as an offer has been declined.
    • When selling goods in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop there should be no more missing items in the list of sell-able goods.
    • Once a window is closed, all the resources won (Gold, Mana and Rubies) will now be summarised and shown in one animation above the player's character, instead of displaying an animation for each and every prize.
    • Any placed garden objects that are available in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop can be conveniently bought via the 'Buy' option after left clicking on the garden object.

    Hint for the future
    • ...Secret events for fools and romantics have been enhanced with lots of new content and are arriving soon!

    Are you satisfied?
    • As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.
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