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Thread: Portal Island Decorations

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    That reminds me:

    I just recently re-decorated my meadow world to create something like a typical Carnival's parade (I actually avoid them here in my place but the natives are very fond of this tradition and parade at least twice through the town during the crazy days)...

    So this is what I observed the few times I got curious enough to leave the house for watching and collecting sweet stuff:

    Every good party has at least one food stand and what tastes better than a grilled sausage while waiting in the cold for the parade to pass and fill your bags with sweets?

    Name:  Carnivals parade 2.jpg
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    Punch and Judy show and a street organ:
    Enjoyment for the tinies amongst us so they don't get bored waiting.

    Name:  Carnivals parade 3.jpg
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    Show programmes:
    Comedians, musicians and the Carnival's Royals are guiding us through a potpourri of songs, jester speeches and jokes.

    Name:  Carnivals parade 4.jpg
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    Be part of the parade!

    Name:  Carnivals parade 5.jpg
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    And that's the whole picture:

    Name:  Carnivals parade 1.jpg
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    If you right click on the picture and then click on 'Open image in new tab' you can see the picture in the full resolution.
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    Although this isn't a portal world scene, it makes a great pic, so I've added it here.
    Enjoy the view from the top of the lighthouse and see if you can spot the treasure on Pirate Island!

    (currently set up in South Raventower, if you fancy a closer look)


    Name:  Lighthouse.jpg
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