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Thread: 2015 November 24th - Portal flora

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    2015 November 24th - Portal flora

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    Miro is back!

    Poe is back!

    The word spread round the City and then to the valleys and the villages . . Poe is back!

    Miro and Poe had been commissioned by Mirella to explore the portal worlds and see what could be found.

    And what have they found?

    New plants from the portal worlds

    • Four new plants await you: the Stag sprout, the Hare gorse, the Winged shrub and the Carapace mushroom.
    • The inhabitants of the meadow world, desert world, ice world and the new oceanic world will share the seeds for these special plants with all those players who help them.
    • You will now be rewarded with seeds for clearing a portal world completely. Players who have already cleared one or more worlds will find their reward in a package next to their portal to the portal worlds.
    • You can also receive seeds for the new plants as a reward for the portal worlds' bonus tasks, which become available after clearing a portal world.

    New field zone expansion

    • Learn the mighty watery zone by removing all weeds from the meadow world of the flower deer.
    • The watery zone increases the yield of stag sprouts, hare gorse, winged shrubs and carapace mushrooms.
    • You can learn more spell levels for the watery zone for each portal world you completely clear.
    • The new zone spell is kept after Transformation - it does not need to be relearned

    The portal worlds

    • A new portal world awaits you! Follow the leafy turtle into its oceanic world and discover more exciting tasks and rewards.

    New regular content

    • The Sorcerer's Corner Shop has a new crystal set in store which increases the storage capacity of the storehouse, up to an additional 7.5%!


    • The victory categories for Big Orders and Harvest Races have been expanded with categories for up to 25 wins and up to 150 wins.

    Small improvements & bug fixes

    • A number of out-dated help texts have been revised.
    • The list of short-cut keys has been updated:
    Arrow up: Move the chosen item to foreground

    Arrow down: Move the chosen item to background

    Arrows: on the valley map you can move with the arrows

    • ... Events with exotic attractions, a magical winter landscape and exuberant parties have been enhanced; you can look forward to enjoying them very soon.

    Multiple weekly prizes

    It is now possible for multiples of weekly prizes won from 26th January 2015 to be sold - you will always be left with one.


    After a transformation the player will get a gigantic package with not used

    Are you satisfied?

    • As always, remember to visit the herald in your village. He can't wait to hear your feedback on the update.
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