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Thread: For Paris

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    For Paris

    My thoughts and prayers go with our miramagians in France this evening. May you and your families be safe and sound.

    If anyone has the name of a specific friend or relative, I'd love for them to be posted so that those of us who pray or send good vibes have targets to check in with.

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    If life is becoming a broken record, then maybe the turntable needs a new needle.

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    I light a candle to show that the darkness will never win.

    My thoughts and prayers to all those caught up and affected by the attacks in Paris.
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    Grief - holds me captive.
    Helplessness - is spreading.
    Anger - I try to reign it in.
    Thoughts - they can't be imprisoned.
    I commemorate the victims and the bereaved.
    I wish for the injured to survive this attack and to overcome the trauma.
    I crave - for a world in peace!

    'German original of the text'

    Trauer – hält mich gefangen.
    Ohnmacht – breitet sich aus.
    Wut – ich versuche, sie zu zügeln.
    Gedanken – sie lassen sich nicht einsperren.
    Ich gedenke der Opfer und den Hinterbliebenen.
    Ich wünsche den Verletzten, dass sie diesen Anschlag überleben und das Trauma bewältigen können.
    Ich wünsche - endlich Frieden für die Welt!!

    Aliya Silver and isi57

    Ali, thanks for the translation!

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    I wanted to add an apology. Media in the United States failed me on Friday, and I did not perform my due diligence in keeping abreast of world affairs. Any loss of human life due to terrorism and tragedy is unacceptable. And though we can't help them, natural disasters affect how we live and respond as well. I did not mean to omit Baghdad, Iraq and Beirut, Lebanon from my original thoughts. Nor did I intend to gloss over Mexico and Japan.

    The world is full of tragedy. My thoughts and prayers with all who were struck on Friday.

    Peace be with you. Blessed be.
    If life is becoming a broken record, then maybe the turntable needs a new needle.

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