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Thread: Growth Races - a survey

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    1. What do you like the races of growth?
    They are comfortable to do some 'gold quickly without needing the cooperation of other villagers, useful for some tasks of the islands.

    2. What aspects you do not like?
    They are limited to a few plants

    3. What would you like it to be added to the race for growth?
    Awards more interesting than gold (rubies, free throw of the dice, gold accounts for a few days, or little help expand the field for a few days, ...) and the involvement of more plants.

    4. What aspects could be improved and how?
    Reduce the time of the competitions by reducing the time involved in plant growth only during the race so you can add even more profitable and long plants to grow
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    This seems to be a touchy subject for some players and it's a little sad that so few of us enjoy the growing races. I have nothing new to say, since those who enjoy the growing races seem to have the same reasons.
    1. What do you like about the growing races?
    When I need a short growing crop for the questies, or anything else, it's nice to have the extra challenge. I might not win very often (more than a month since I last won one), but it's nice to have the chance.

    2. What aspects don't you like?
    Not enough 30 minute races. My attention starts to wander after 20 minutes.

    3. What would you like to see as part of the growing races?
    More rewards would be nice, as would more plants

    4. Which aspects can be improved and how?
    Have a few shorter and longer times for races.

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    1. What do you like about the growing races? I like that I can try to win a prize
    for something I need to grow anyway.

    2. What aspects don't you like? That it is mighty difficult to win because someone with higher
    level and trans, usually beats me by a tremendous amount of plants.
    But I have won two. I think everyone else was sleeping LOL

    3. What would you like to see as part of the growing races? I would like to see different types of growing races. leave the one that is in place now and also ADD another which is divided into
    groups of similar lvls and no trans for one group; and so on for the rest. That might make it so more people would like it.
    I would like to see more plants avail in the competitions. I would like more
    30 min races avail. Maybe we could we have more than 5 places?...and a boobie/consolation prize? LOL that would be funny
    and cute!

    4. Which aspects can be improved and how? Well I agree with many here, I do not enjoy the Deer/Portal quests to have the growing races as the quest for the clearing. (but, I don't like complicated dragon races as a quest there either, unless it is
    just win a fast race LOL how about a quest that says Lose a dragon race in last place!)
    As you can probably tell I am still in Meadow world and after reading here in the forum about what is to come,
    my knees are shaking to read some of the other upcoming Portal Worlds requirements, yikes! lol

    But I do think the growing race should stay because there are people who do enjoy it!!! Just add another aspect to it.

    btw, I also want to mention how NICE it is to ask for our feed back!!! That is just so great : )

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    I myself do not like the growing races, the wait times are way too long.

    You can only do them if you have an entire field of spaces to have a slight chance of placing.
    I don't do them. I won't do them for portal quests either, i will Roll the dice to get new quest.

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    I truly hate them, the times to finish are way too long.
    You can only expect to place if you are completely playing with a full field which requires a minimal chance of winning an expanded field or spending money to expand field.

    I don't and won't participate

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    Mira Council Listens ....:-)

    Me - 1 hour after transform now level 5 - just turned 6
    Finds under 25 level plant races
    At level 6 with 18 slots available (and I will not be using fertiliser - and am too small to water)
    I will see if it possible to do them ;-)

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    Umm - feedback trying to grow carrots a level 6 is very painful
    It took me three harvests to get min entry level of 90!

    Did not help my field is on winter - and carrots love Autumn - I was level 6 through the whole race

    However - grow race are possible - however small you are
    I took 2nd place out of 4 - and am very happy with the result

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