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Thread: Growth Races - a survey

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    I do not like the growing races. I thought I did great and was beat by over 15000 plants! They are a huge waste of time and I will not do them.

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    Honestly, I do not care at all for these races. I have participated in the 30 minute growing races only when I did not have a free dice roll to clear a weed patch. At the moment, I am fortunate in that I have (if I have won the extended field) 81 plots open, all the zone spells, a higher seal of returns, as well as the downpour (although I do not use fertilizer). Did I place accordingly to complete a quest? Yes. Did I feel good about it? Absolutely NOT! I have been told many times “it’s only a game” (& as silly as it may sound to others) for me…it’s not fun knowing I’ve probably displaced someone at a lower level with lesser resources who really needed a win (be it to clear a weed patch, earn mana, or gain experience points). I can certainly understand why some have become so discouraged. I can only guess these races have a great deal of “traffic” now because they are related to the portal quests. When this quest appears again, I hope to have a free dice roll to get rid of it. What I would like to see is…the growing race quests removed from all the portal islands.

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    I don't like them. I wouldn't mind if they went away.

    Edit: They just don't do it for me. I pop in and out once or more per day and don't stick around long enough to want to participate. Plus, there is already enough to do w/o having those around.
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    I do not like the harvest races. They are time consuming and you are playing blind. If you want a chance to win you have to have a full field of 81 and use spells to cut down growing time. You don't know where you stand until it's ended many hours later. It isn't fun and I only played a few and then started to change quests away from them on the island challenges. Not a good set up to be fair for players of different levels. They need to be rebuilt from scratch with great thought to provide fairness to all no matter what your level. I'd be fine with just cancelling them completely.

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    Had a look at them in the beginning, looked unfair and lopsided to me because beginner players, and those whose rubies have to go a long way do not stand a real chance of winning. I much rather prefer the competitions in which the whole village can take part BUT, if there is to be a type of individual competition, why not structure it like the Dragonraces?
    So that a player can put a challenge out there for a growing competition with certain limitations (like which levels can take part, which seeds, time frame etc) as set out by the challenger.

    For Example:
    Carrot Growing race challenge initiated by ChuChullain for levels 1 - 5 starting 5 hours from now and lasting half an hour.

    Like with the Dragon races the prizes can be structured according to the time length of the competition.
    It would be a bit more fair than the current growers competitions don't you think?

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    Actually, ChuChullain, I rather like that suggestion. Let us have a little more control over who we participate with. It does still favor those who have transformed multiple times, though, and have stockpiled resources... hm. Will have to think about possible tweaks.
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    Great suggestions ChuChullain!

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    Growing races

    I like growing races - They are fun. I have so far won 4

    1) what I like
    a) They take 1/2 hour - 2 hours so you can participate when you get back from work or school and don’t disturb sleep (unlike slow and med dragon races)
    b) you can use them to grow plants for BO or plant merchant (example Phalysis give much greater goldper time growing than Key Cone or Fly)
    b) I personally enjoy growing little plants.....its therapy and de-stresses me

    2) What i dislike
    a) I want more variety of plants as options - up to 1/2 an hour grow time - so cone bush, key, tower, tubby mush, optic mush - so they can fit in with BO / island quests
    b)the current grading levels - I cant imagine anyone having the time to win 30 growing races in a month

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    I like growing races - They are fun. I have so far won 4 – Part 2

    1c) I also like no of plants is hidden as you really don’t know what you are up against.
    More people would use fertiliser or rubies if they could see what they are up against – and it would favour late arrivals to the race

    2c) I dislike the length of time results get to come through – I appreciate you have to wait for race to finish + growing time – but results take much longer than that to come through

    3 + 4) Suggestions for improvement
    a) more variety of plants
    b) more / different grading levels My suggestions are
    0 win category
    Under 25, under 50 and under 75 level of experience category
    Under 5 and 10 transformations category

    If anyone wants hints on how to improve their yield – please visit me in game.

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    When the growing races were intruduced I tried it once and then didn't try again. But when they became part of island tasks I started doing them. In fact currently I have won 8 races. And I do not use fertilizers. Some of those wins I got when I was on a pretty low level and didn't have use of my full field and higher level spells. That's what I like about those races... that it's a challenge. Generally I have one goal when I enter the race and that is that I want to end up at least in top 5. Sometimes that does not happen. I have seen those huge amounts that some people manage to harvest... so I didn't have a prayer to win that time, but maybe next time I will.

    The reason why I sometimes participate in those races:
    1)island tasks
    2)I'm trying to get a harvest medal for some plant ( 5k/10K medals). I would not manage to convince myself otherwise to suddenly start for example growing pewter dews. But to grow them sometimes for 30minutes, is not that boring or annoying.
    3) I put the plants i get into big order, since we get to keep the plants regardles whether we win the race or not.

    I do not feel guilty for winning those races. I take them as a challenge. In fact when I got the task to get a first place in growth race shortly after I transformed..i thought I was going to need to throw a new task, but I suppose i got lucky and I really really tried my best and that time it worked. And I didn't use fertilizers nor am I with that high transformation number.

    So it is possible to win those races, you just gotta have patience and will to try again.

    1. What do you like about the growing races?
    That it's a challege. You just have to do your best and only when the race ends you can see how much others managed to harvest. I like that we can only see our own position during the race.
    2. What aspects don't you like?
    Sometimes the selection of plants is limited. For example if I want to do race with pewter dews, but no growth race with that plant is avaible.
    I think the task on islands to get the first place is really tough and can be tricky to get.
    3. What would you like to see as part of the growing races?
    Maybe some new plant types added.
    4. Which aspects can be improved and how?
    More categorys depending on character level/transformations etc.

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