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Thread: Treasure Hunt 3 - Haunted Villages & Spooky City

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    Treasure Hunt 3 - Haunted Villages & Spooky City

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    Hello everyone!

    As promised it’s time for another of my Treasure Hunts, and as it’s Halloween, this one has a spooky theme!
    (Note, this is in addition to, and separate from, the “Halloween Adventure” organised by Dragonholt)

    How does it work?

    There are 3 parts:

    1. Travel around villages to find spooky garden decorations to solve riddles.
    2. Hidden Object scenes - find 10 objects in each scene that are not normally there.
    3. 1 easy last question.

    When does it start?

    6pm UK time on Saturday 31st October (24 hours from this original posting). It will be open for at least 48 hours, but doesn't take that long to play. Anyone can have a go.

    Where do I find all the information/clues/etc?

    All of the riddles and scenes will be posted in this thread on All Hallows’ Eve (Saturday 31st October) at around 6pm UK time. The riddles will guide you to the villages.

    Are there prizes?

    Yes, there are small prizes:

    • 1st prize – a box of jewels (the “treasure”)
    • 2nd prize – a peacock. Nice.
    • 3rd prize – a festive cake. Yummy.

    Prizes are awarded to the first 3 most correct entries received in my mailbox. When allocating prizes, correct answers are more important than speed, but if there’s a tie, then entries received soonest take priority. Therefore, for best chance of a prize, play as soon as the event starts, if you just want fun, play any time this coming weekend.

    Please do not post answers here - I will post the answers when the event is over.

    Some Tips & Rules

    If you find teleporting to a village is slow, turn decos off first (PageUp), teleport, then turn decos on (PageUp again) when you get there.

    All the garden decorations are in villages, not in Dream Worlds or Islands.

    The answers to the riddles should be the deco name, and the name of the owner who placed it. You can see who placed a garden deco by hovering your mouse over it. (If you don’t see a little pop-up, then go to your “Profile and Achievements”, click “Settings” tab, and turn on “Show info texts”.) Or just make a note of whose area the deco is in. If you find more than one identical garden deco to match the clue, choose any. So, the answers will be something like:

    1. Flowering Wisteria, octopia (not actual answers!)
    2. Romantic Swan Vase, octopia
    3. … etc

    For the Hidden Object Scenes, any description of the object will do, eg "Creepy face at the window", etc. There are 10 Hidden Objects in each scene, and 3 different scenes.

    The final question requires a number answer.

    So, until tomorrow ...

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    Sounds like fun Octopia! I love doing these treasure hunts! For me it is about the traveling to new villages and meeting tons of new people.

    If you've never had an opportunity to play give it try. You will have lots of fun!

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    Hello everyone, here is everything you need to start the Treasure Hunt.

    Please read the “rules & tips” posted earlier in this thread before you start, then you’ll know what to do! If you want to win one of the prizes you should mail your answers to octopia when you have finished. Please don’t post answers here. I will update this thread on Monday with all the answers and announce the winners.

    I’m around for the first few hours, so do ask if you need help.

    There are 3 parts:
    1. Solve riddles to find garden decos
    2. Find Hidden Objects in scenes from city buildings
    3. Count some ghosts

    Here we go …

    Part One - Haunted Villages - riddles

    Travel to these 7 different villages and find the garden deco that matches the clue. Your answers should be the name of the deco AND the name of the player who placed it - eg “Spooky Tree, octopia”, etc. You’ll get the name of the deco and owner by hovering your mouse over it. If you can’t see a little pop-up when you hover over something, check you have “Show info texts” switched on in your “Profile & Achievements” / “Settings” tab. Turn decos on with “PageUp” key only once you have teleported to speed up teleporting.

    1.[Little Ottermont] Hushed at night the graveyards sleep, between the standing stones I creep. I change my shape with twists and turns. Disappear, then form again when cold returns.

    2.[North Hugforth] Sit with me and by this eerie lamplight, feel the chill of phantoms near. It’s behind you, oh, another, run with fear!

    3.[Little Herbthwaite] I am outstanding in my field, through rain and wind I do not yield. With scruffy clothes, I don’t look posh, but birds will fear my head of squash!

    4.[GlenBeetthwaite] Time for fun that tests your skill, friends will laugh, you know they will. Autumnal fruits in motion here, splash down and bite to grab one near.

    5.[UpperSparrowstock] Haunted hooves beat hollow on the frozen ground. A midnight taxi for Cinderella? Not this time, so where are we bound?

    6.[North Peatster] Bereft of leaves stands this tree, its wise resident is watching me. A haunting call to pierce the night, soft and distant, until first light.

    7.[Pleasant Grove] Just for fun, a surprise disguise, makes people scream so loud! But take a closer look, you’ll see, it’s Miro ‘neath this shroud!

    Part Two – Spooky City – Hidden Objects

    Find 10 hidden objects that are not normally there in each of these 3 scenes. They are all interiors of city buildings. To see the original interior, go to the city, click the building, then click the “-“ next to the “x” on the window that pops up in the middle.

    Any description will do for an answer – I shall work it out!

    Scene 1 – The Sorcerer's Shop

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    Scene 2 – The Mage Academy

    Name:  scene 2.JPG
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    Scene 3 – The City Hall

    Name:  scene 3.JPG
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    Part Three – Spooky City – Ghosts!

    The ghosts have invaded the city! But how many ghosts can you spot in this scene?

    Name:  city ghosts.JPG
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    All done! Now mail your answers to octopia to have a chance of a prize!
    Good luck!

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    Hello everyone, answers are here!

    Part 1 - Haunted Villages - Riddles

    1. Waft of Mist – JimJersey/Golden Glow/Bettyann/octopia
    2. Meeting of Spirits (4 seats) – marik
    3. Useless scarecrow – doreenhunter/Serenity DeWitt
    4. Water Tub with Apples – SnoWhite00/Autumn Silver
    5. Pumpkin Coach (2 seats) – LoveQuilts/Luigiman7/CatMiss
    6. Grand Owl - havnfun2/cookie446446/prussianprinces
    7. Ghostly figure - D_lynn (tricky one, see the pic below. There is a “spooky goblin” wearing a white sheet, but the correct answer is the “Ghostly figure” – it’s Miro, our Miramagia baby dragon mascot.)

    Name:  miro under a sheet.JPG
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    Part 2 - Spooky City – Hidden Objects

    Scene 1 – Sorcerer’s shop:

    Name:  scene 1 answer.JPG
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    Scene 2 – Mage Academy:

    Name:  scene 2 answer.JPG
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    The green flask on the table giving off white vapour was unclear, lots of people thought it was 2 separate items, so I credited them a point for each (which made no difference to the top 3 winners anyway).

    Scene 3 – Town Hall:

    Name:  scene 3 answer.JPG
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    Part 3 – Spooky City – Ghosts

    There were 15 ghosts.

    Name:  city ghosts answer.JPG
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    Winners and Prizes

    1st place – Magidora, who wins the Treasure (a box of jewels)
    2nd place – CuzitsmeChris, who wins the Peacock
    3rd place – Golden Glow, who wins the Cake.

    Congratulations to the winners!
    Some of the riddles were quite tricky this time, so well done and thank you to all those who took part, it was lots of fun!

    If you have suggestions for improvements for the next one or want to leave any comments, feel free to send me an in-game mail, or post here in this forum thread.

    Next event from me will be at Christmas, which suddenly doesn’t seem so far away!

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    Dear Octo!

    Thank you very much for the gift and your great effort! It was again a lot of fun!

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    Such fun this year! Thanks so much for all of the hard work. I love the last "ghost" to find - definitely didn't see it at D-Lynn's. I love it when they are difficult to find! The hidden object scenes and count the ghosts was a brilliant addition this year!!

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    And Congratulations to Magidora and CuzitsmeChris!
    I forgot in the excitement.

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