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Thread: Ghost hunt, a doubt

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    Ghost hunt, a doubt

    Hi all people, glad to write here.

    I have a doubt about the new "ghost hunt" function.
    Having clicked in the appeared ghost, a dialog box appear with this text:
    "You have cought a ghost spectre. You can set it free again using the Ghostly spectre effect spell"
    The button "Collect" returns to the "mysterious site".

    Where do I find the "ghostly spectre effect spell", to free the ghost?

    Thanks in advance for any reply, best regards, and good game.
    (and sorry for the poor English)

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    The spell is in your toolbox under effect spells, the one with the firecracker.

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    Many thanks pam, I've just found it (looking for another thing, hahaha)

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    I'm keeping mine to scare away those nasty elves at krismis time...

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