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Thread: How to deactivate your ad-blocker

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    How to deactivate your ad-blocker

    If you try to watch a video ad and get this screen for a long time...

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    ... instead of a video loading, most likely some form of ad-blocker is activated on your computer (AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, µBlock, Ad Muncher ...).

    Also some settings in your browser may prevent the videos from being played.

    If you want to watch the videos, you need to check if there's an ad-blocker activated and then deactivate it (temporarily). Usually you can find the ad-blocker icon right beside the URL line of your browser, it might look like these:
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    Clicking on it should open a menu with items like 'deactivate on this site', 'pause on this site' or 'enabled on this site'. Untick it and it might look like this:

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    For Internet Explorer (starting from version 9) and for the new Edge in Windows 10 activating the tracking protection (at Settings > Security) may prevent the videos from loading.

    Also some antivirus programs come with an inbuilt ad-blocker. We recommend to look up the publisher's homepage or the manual for the necessary settings.

    Last but not least:
    The quality of your internet connection may have a part in it. Videos require a certain bandwidth for being played smoothly. If that can't be provided, there will be frequent pauses while the video continues to load. Sometimes the video might start to play only after it has been loaded completely, which might take a while.
    Especially at using a WLAN connection it is a known problem that your connection might break down for a short time now and then. Trying a different channel might help to improve that situation.

    Best regards,
    your team

    (Thanks forum team for creating the original of this guide.)
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