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Thread: Video issues - how to report them correctly

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    Video issues - how to report them correctly

    Dear Miramagicians,

    We're very happy that the jackalope videos are watched so frequently in the game, and we'd like to improve the process of reporting errors of this feature with your help, so we can find solutions to occurring problems faster.

    We created a guide that should help you to provide all relevant information for a successful bug report and especially for a fix of your problem.

    Below you'll find a list of different situations that might occur:

    A) I got a video which in my opinion doesn't fit the guidelines of Travian Games GmbH (Inappropriate advertising).
    That might be:
    Offensive, immoral, defamatory or legally unauthorized advertising, phishing, subscription advertising (subscription traps), advertising of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or advertisements that show content harmful to minors, or perhaps erotic or pornographic content.

    Of course we try to make sure that none of the videos in the game contradict our guidelines - however, if it happens we need your help so we can act as quickly as possible.

    B) I have seen a video with technical problems that won't award any prize.
    That might be:
    You started a video to get your bonus but the video stops mid-way and can't be watched until the end, preventing a bonus to be awarded.

    C) I got a video which in my opinion is in the wrong language.
    That might be:
    You are located in Germany and you play on a German server but you get French video ads - or similar combinations.

    Please note: If it's impossible to reliably identify your position, this might cause videos being played in a foreign language.

    If you're experiencing technical problems, like after starting a video the screen gets stuck and the video won't load, then mostly a so-called ad-blocker (AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, ┬ÁBlock, Ad Muncher...) has been activated.
    Also some settings in your browser may prevent the videos from being played.
    You'll find a guide about how to fix this problem on your own: *How to deactivate your ad-blocker*

    You'd like to report a video? Please put it into this thread: *Collective thread: Jackalope video - report problems*

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Best regards,
    your team
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    I have heard from Dietrich tonight, and he wishes to start by thanking everyone for the detailed reports he has been able to use both here, and via support.

    As a result he has been able to identify several separate and particular issues. One should now be resolved; a fix was rolled out yesterday. Once he has feedback as to how secure that fix is he hopes to be able to finalise the solutions for the other issues.

    In the meantime he has requested people reporting video issues include in their report the following information:

    1. The game, server, and country player is playing from eg MM Com USA

    2. the ID number of the video (if possible) and/or the product name eg 68774 Rail Nation

    3. a detailed description of the problem - this is so he and his wizards can try to reproduce the problem - necessary for identifying the solution. Do include information about which browsers you have used, and whether there was a difference in performance between them.

    4. a screenshot if possible.

    He thanks you for your patience.

    (At this point Sebastian came shuffling up to him, a whispered conversation later, and he was away, back to the labyrinthine passages below the Town Hall for more testing and reports.)

    Community Manager
    Miramagia COM

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