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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Introduce yourself

    So maybe some of you know each other from Travians, but I have never played that game, and I would like to know who I am spamming this forum with ^^

    So, to start it off, I'll go first (because someone has to...)

    My name is Rianne, 25 years old. I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and our 2 cats. I work in a laboratory for genetic diagnostics, at the prenatal diagnostics group (which in a nutshell means I screen the DNA of unborn babies for genetic defects such as Down Syndrome). In my spare time I read a helluva lot, preferably fantasy. I also like (computer) games - you can wake me up anytime for a nice game or good book. You might think I dont get out much, but luckily I have a lot of geeky friends to do these things with.
    I am also a crewmember of the (not travianS ) domain, where I have held every position except forum admin, and currently sweat as a forum moderator.

    Wel uh, that is about it, I guess. Ow, I dont think I need to mention I am addicted to forums in general

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    okie now me ...

    My name is Ammar, i'm 15 years old, 16 next 13/July , i live in Iraq (you don't see many people from here, do you? ) and i'm a student like everybody in my age.
    About free time i spend most of it in front of the PC (net and games), i'm also a PS3/Xbox 360 addict. about responsibilities in online games, i never had any (and never will, because i just don't like having responsibilities).
    For likes and dislikes, i like music somehow (country music and little R&B), and dislikes, i was never interested in sports except tennis.

    finally what i hope to find here is some geeky gaming addict people like myself who definitely like them to be my friends .
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    [COLOR="#008080"][FONT=Comic Sans MS][CENTER][SIZE=3]Away from the game until next summer
    i'll miss you mira :( and miss all the miramagians out there..
    see ya all next June :o[/SIZE][/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]

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    Very well,

    The name`s Luuk. But arround here shadowspirit or shadow will do aswell. I`m 24 and single and suprise suprise; Dutch.
    About me, well whats to say; amateur writer and vivid RPG`er and TC`er. I usually do not play much games unless they catch my interest from the first few minutes that i play. And thats quite a feat to acomplish.
    Like Tosha i am part of the travian forum crew, altough i am from the

    Fun spamming, RPG`s , reading and most types of Metal music (just not that screamo stuff)

    Flamers/Trolls and R&B

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    *huggels buggy and shadow*

    Yay for my village mate bugzer
    And @ shadow: metal <3 What are yer favorite bands?

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    Well i`m more a fan of bands like Manowar and TYR then the more known bands

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    Hi every one.. I am looking for new neighbors as I have not a one. It shows theres a few ppl in my village but they dont look active. I am a lvl 3 lol go head laugh i know i wld.. but n e ways. I am on the quest where i need to add a friend. I am 35 yrs and yes a chik. I have a loving man in my life with our rott gemma and our cat leah. I wrk 3rd shift so i need u all to understand I try n play as much as possible which is usually mon n tues as im off those days and usually for a couple hrs in the a.m when i get home from wrk which is arnd 7 a.m. I live in the states (OHIO). I am in freshby in silvery valley. Oh ya n i never played Travians either. I think I'm at my limit lol well until i find another interesting game


    Please do not advertise other games - mark.1980
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    hello all mirmagiers

    i am desty but in real life my name is angie.
    life in the netherlands together with my husband anbo(yes the admin haha) and our 5 cats and some birds.
    like playing games i also somethimes play travians and wewaii there are some more games but we may not advertise lol.
    oh yes my age i am 33 years old and a housewife.
    love to be creative making cards ,drawings things, painting things, loves clay.
    like to watch movies especially horror , thriller and science fiction, but watch other movies to
    love playing with the cats and do things with anbo.

    when you wanna now something about me just ask our come in chat.

    greetings desty

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    Hi everyone

    I am temeraire and im 27 and from England. I live with a house rabbit, two cockatiels and a hamster.
    I used to work as a theatre nurse/odp until two years ago when I became extremely ill and unable to work. I have finally been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. (after being mis-diagnosed for 18 months with something else). It means I feel like I have flu most of the time. I feel extremely tired most of the time and get tired very easily - if you feel tired you'd have a quick nap and then feel better again but it doesnt matter how long I nap/sleep for - my energy levels never get to full or improve very much. I do get a lot of pain and I have problems concentrating and remembering things sometimes.

    So as I can't work and can't do much at all, I tend to play a lot of computer games (especially ones like these where I can take lots of breaks).

    I like music (listening and playing), movies (horror, thriller, action, fantasy and historical) and reading.

    Always looking for friends/neighbours.


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    Hiya guys and gals,

    My name is sonia and im 34 years young,married with 5 children,2 cats and a dog .....

    I play many facebook games but since starting this today they seem to have been put on the back burner for a little while,as i must say this is rather addictive.

    Hopefully we can get to know each other a little better as we all progress and we will see who really is a tad crazier than these little tidbits are letting show

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    Hello I am Sanji from Malaysia ^ ^ Trying new games instead Travian. I have a problem for registering arghh!!

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