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Thread: Jackalope Ads are in French...

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    The numbers are cut off, I can see only the very top part of them. I *think* it's 1714(2? 3?)

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    Angry 106 SECONDS for a Jackalope advert that is in FRENCH..REALLY??

    I have had a Jackalope advert that's is 106 seconds long...
    YES you read that right... ONE HUNDRED AND SIX SECONDS long...
    that's nearly 2 minutes of MY MIRA game playing time GONE!!!!
    In the space of 1 hours play I have had this advert 4 times. That's nearly EIGHT minutes of my game play GONE!!!

    34 second adverts is bad enough to endure..... but 106 seconds!!!!!

    Talk about ZAPPING all the fun out of playing miramagia.

    Not only is this advert 106 seconds long its also in FRENCH!!!


    Rant over!!!

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    I cant see the numbers at all, and 5 times now i have had French adverts that are lasting 108 seconds... theres 120 seconds in 2 minutes. This is disgusting and is deducting a lot of time from my enjoyment of playing mira not to mention a lot of my time being able to plant my plants and harvest them on time and to top it all off i was in the middle of a growth race when this almost 2 minute advert came up. I cant give a number as there is no number showing up in the bottom left or right corner.. all i can tell you is that its French and runs for 108 seconds and when you click on the video it opens up a page that leads to a old wrinkly man's naked back and you can see a right red and yellowed nasty area where his right kidneys are.... This is an advert for shingles? and that its an advert for "Zona",

    Bienvenue sur le site Pour en savoir plus sur le zona & ses complications =which means = Welcome
    To learn more about shingles & complications....
    However you wouldn't have guessed that from the advery, when i watched it with no sound on, i thought it was advertising something for arthritis... eeek lol

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    It's a third-party ad service. Travian games has no control over what they show. And it's a testament to their customer service that Dietrich is even attempting to resolve this issue with another company. We're all frustrated, but it's being worked on, and doing anything other than identifying the video numbers for Dietrich does nothing to resolve the situation.
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    Personally, I am enjoying seeing different ads from other countries , ( as much as one could like ads they didn't like in the first place ) It makes a nice change from the football manager and Rail Nation.

    As far as the 108 second ad goes, there is a button on the bottom right, i think it says passer dans, if you click that after that timer expires ( I think around 30 seconds ) the ad finishes up and you still get the bonus.

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    So far no french language videos today, I can see the whole numbers now.

    I got a couple of black loading (circular loading logo) screens for a few seconds (with different video numbers) before the cheats for hire video came up. Not a problem just a little unusual.

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