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Thread: [FORWARDED]The Jackalope Prizes

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    [FORWARDED]The Jackalope Prizes

    I have been watching ads endlessly. I must have watched at least 20 yesterday. And I have not once gotten anything good as a prize. Not once.

    I've gotten mushrooms and I've gotten paint buckets the most. But what really upsets me is that I'm supposed to be getting a "legendary prize" and what I get is a Merigold Plot, which only cost 1,000g in the sorcerer's corner. Or a Snowed-in Stalagmite, which is only 5,000g in the sorcerer's corner. If I wanted cheapo decor I would buy it. And I already get enough of it from the tree donations.

    What I'm aiming for is the SugarBeetJuice. But I would settle for the tree jinx that are only available with the jackalope. Or the house jinx. Heck I'd settle for some gold or miragic!

    But Travian is getting paid to have me watch these ads and I get nothing worth anything. And I think this needs to change.
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    A round of applause and a standing ovation from me, WELL SAID!, i hear you on all you have mentioned and i totally AGREE with you. I too must have watched 100+ videos and not one sugar beat juice in sight. All im getting is paint paint, mushrooms, rubbish garden item and more paint, i now have that much paint that if i painted my crystals around my field ones a day i'd still not have gotten rid of the paint in a years time, i am drowning in paint and i'm fed up to my backteeth of watching adverts only to get rubbish.

    What was the point in shelling out all those rubies to buy the Rubie miners if you cant get the sugar beat juice.!!!!

    I have seen a lot of unfair things on mira of late, like why do non paying members get the change of 30 days membership for 30 rubies, when those who pay have to pay 199 Rubies for 30 days membership!!

    I have also seen none paying members get crystals from logging in, I have never got 1 crystal from logging in!!

    I've seen none paying members winning seats from the jackalope that cost megga rubies to buy them, yet as a paying member i have never once won a seat let alone a seat that costs Rubies!!!

    I see all the time that none paying members have won lab items from the wheel and the tent. I very rarely win them unless i do extra spins which cost me rubies.

    And thats only mentioning a few things that i have noticed thats unfair.

    I also thing things need to change, and i think the developers need to be fairer with those of us who DO pay to play this game.

    Rant over!!!

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    Well said both of you. i agree with you whole heartedly.. i will say i am one of the very lucky ones who has won a sugarbeetjuice or 2. so i thought oh good its working.. yay. but then i watch gen chat or chat to my villagers and it seems i dont know anyone else who has won one i find this very unfair and if i could give mine back i would.. it needs to be fair for all. i know its a chance thing, i understand this. but 3 days in and sooo many people having STILL not won even one!! i find this wrong..
    At the end of the day all of us who have bought the miners have all used rubies which cost real life money. so if we all pay the same then we should all be treated the same when getting the sugarbeetjuice.. im sure there are people out there who wish they hadnt bought the miners.. you know. you read " you can win this from the jackolope" and think (yay.. then its worth it..) but with sooo few of us getting the sugarbeetjuice we wont be getting the sort of return that we all thought would be possible from the statement " you can win this from the jackolope"

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    Thank you for your feedback and ideas about this
    About the sugar beet juice there is a bit of valuable information that might have been missed in the changelog:

    The sugar beet juice just adds up over time and doesn't get consumed!
    So your dwarf's luck can't drop but it can only increase.

    With the period of them working for you being so long, it makes some sense that the sugar beet juice is really a rare thing to get. Otherwise everyone would have stacked up on it within a few days and after that keep maximum luck until the end.

    I hope this helps a bit
    Have a nice weekend,
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    I agree with the original arguement that the Jackalope's prizes are underwhelming.

    I do not agree that it is "unfair" for people who don't shell out money to still get the same chance of winning prizes just because someone who has paid money has worse luck. I have paid money. I have awful luck. I am still happy for my fellow villagers who win cool stuff.

    I played this game for over two years before I ever spent money on it. In that time, I had saved up enough rubies that I would have been able to pay for a dwarf. So the arguement that people who purchase the dwarf are only made up of those who have financially supported the game is invalid. Anyone with patience can eventually earn enough rubies for that. That does not mean that any person in this game should get fewer privileges or a worse chance at any other prize.

    Back to the original intent of this post, yes. Please. Travian makes money from these ads. For us to earn "prizes" that we could purchase with in-game funds is annoying, especially with as much consistency as it occurs. Since real-life money is being exchanged on some level, a reasonable percentage of our prizes should have real-life value as well. Even a small one.
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    At lease you can watch them. I can only view them w/ my android device which apparently doesn't count for prizes.

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