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Thread: 2015 July 28th - Growing races, new plants and ruby mine

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    2015 July 28th - Growing races, new plants and ruby mine

    'The dwarves are coming! The dwarves are coming!' This was the runour buzzing around the City - and there was a renewed interest in all the information that could be found about dwarves . .

    Let's see . .
    they mine . . they mine for precious stones
    they are awesome craftspeople . . .they make the most marvellous things . . .wrought of precious metals and gems . . .
    they are known for their strength . . .and their love of beer and song . . .

    And they are coming to mira!

    Or at least that was the rumour . .

    Then the dragons started talking amongst themselves and taking unscheduled flights . .

    Miro was seen trying not to be seen . . flying off towards the World Tree . . and disappearing??

    And Emilio was beginning to complain about his customers having dust in their hair when they came to him . . .

    So when the Herald appeared on the steps of the Town Hall people just knew something exciting was about to be announced - and they were not disappointed . .
    'Miramagicians!' he called, 'I have exciting news! Gather round, and I will tell you of a new competition; of a new island and of new plants! . . '

    Revised competition menu

    The competition menu has been revised and polished so you can see more at first glance and find all important information in one place. The ranks of the villages and players can now be found in a new and lovingly drawn overview in the detailed menu of each competition.

    Growing races

    A new fast-paced kind of competition makes the hearts of the players beat fast.
    Anyone can take part in them. Instead of villages, individual players can enter.
    For the first time you can compete directly against other players in different valleys.

    These are the rules
    The player who harvests the most of the certain plant in the predetermined harvest period wins.

    For the first time ever the amount of plants you actually harvested are going to count. Purchased plants won't be taken into account.

    Reach the required minimum amount to enter the competition and to earn a consolation prize at the least.

    You decide when you're ready for it. By entering the competition you're starting your own harvesting period.

    For this new Growing competition you will get between 30 to 180 minutes time in which you should harvest as many plants as you can. Once the maximum number of participants has been reached or 24 hours have passed, the registration period is closed.

    The winner will be awarded when all participants have had their chance and the harvest time for all of them has expired.

    Fair categories
    Subdivision: character levels...
    Some competitions are only available for players who have not reached a certain character level.
    Subdivision: former wins...
    In other competitions only players with a certain maximum number of wins at Growing Races in the last 30 days can participate.

    New plants

    A total of five new plants are now available to delight the growers in this world.

    Mourning flower, Frost succulent, Physalis, Swirl fern and Pewter dew with their relatively short growth periods are particularly interesting for the new growing races.

    Unlike festive seeds these new plants are completely regular plants, being linked to all game elements. So for example they can be donated to harvest races, or big orders, or can be turned into gold at Orin Aurum the plant merchant.

    Accompanying the new plants, there are a total of 20 new achievements, relating to the known grower, farmer, efficient farmer and great farmer categories.

    Name:  trauerbluete4.png
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    Mourning flower Frost succulent Physalis Swirl fern Pewter dew

    Dwarves, mines and sugar beet juice

    The Dwarves visit Miramagia... and they have brought all sorts of desirable things:
    1 mines outfit in Emma's Magical Boutique,
    3 hairstyles in Emilio's Magical Hair Salon,
    8 facilities for a kitchen in Eveline Dream Workshop (1 or 2 transformations required),
    6 decoration items in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop.

    The Ruby Mine
    Some sturdy dwarf have managed to push a new island into your dream world. It is equipped with a ruby mine that now belongs to you.

    In order to dig up the sparkling rubies from the darkness in the deep, Dwarf force is necessary...

    Karl and Ina
    Two dwarves are at your beck and call - and you can hire them for a certain time.
    They dig for rubies, day after day, which you can then collect at your mine. Both dwarves guarantee you a profit at the end of the hiring period. And the best part is that your earnings can even be increased: With luck and videos.

    What does 'luck' mean?
    Each dwarf radiates luck, which gives you a chance for extra rubies at collecting your ruby earnings. How many extra rubies you may gain depends on the dwarf you hired. Sugar beet juice increases this luck; the jackalope may give it to you every now and then.

    Which dwarf to choose?
    The comfy way..
    Karl has a shorter term and ensures you a decent profit, but it can't be improved much because he doesn't radiate much luck.
    The ambitious way ...
    Ina has a longer duration and also ensures you a significant profit which can be improved quite a lot by her impressive luck.

    When are rubies produced?
    Always at midnight, if you have hired a Dwarf. So for example, if you hire a dwarf today, you will have to wait until midnight.

    Can I change my mind?
    Of course it is possible to upgrade from Karl to Ina. Her fee changes, depending on how long Ina has already been working for you.

    It pays to empty the lorry daily so you can benefit from your luck and increase your profits. You can watch videos to improve your chance of acquiring beet juice which increases your luck at the mine.

    Even more new things

    Generous Present
    7 new decoration items from the dwarves' world can be gifted with the spell "generous present".

    The Companion 'Flappy' a cute little winged pet that is now available in the Academy of Magic in the city.

    Two eyecatching enchantments are ready for use in the prank spell menu in the spell bar.

    Uses of the House Jester "Tree Castle" have appeared exclusively at the jackalope.

    In addition: sugar beet juice with a dash of luck! The favourite drink of the Dwarves increases your luck in the Ruby Mine to get extra rubies when collecting what your dwarves have dug up.

    Small improvements and Bug-fixing

    • Another refreshing season (appearing soon) has been extended.
    • New weekly prizes have been created.
    • Travelling via the path towards the map edge should now work flawlessly again.
    • From now on while shopping at the market it's no longer possible to overfill your store house and thus cancel the purchase.
    • Some bugs have been fixed, which led to avatars standing on seatings.
    • A rare mistake at colouring multi coloured garments has been resolved.
    • Some errors with the placement of speech bubbles at certain seatings have been resolved.
    • Preview: Portal Realm - Your portal in the village now leads you to a map with the inscription "Portal Realm". There you will find your dream world as a destination again. Soon new secret places will be available which can be visited and unlocked.
    • Are you satisfied? As always the herald visits your village and will be happy if you tell him your thoughts about the update.
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